Don't Say It:Ronacks Motorcycle Club(7)

By: Debra Kayn

At least she had the basic idea, though an impossible task with the lack of tools. He stepped away and walked back to his side of the duplex, went inside, and found a jack in the pile of tools in the corner of his living room, then returned to the car.

The woman jumped out of his way when he stepped in front of her. He held up the jack. "I'll do it."

"Oh, thank you," she said with an exhale. "I appreciate the help."

He squatted down, found the frame, and placed the jack on the ground. "Iron?"

She passed him the tool. He stuck the end on the lever. A dozen pumps and the flat tire lifted off the ground, giving him more height to prep for the new tire.

"Is that the only spare you have?" he asked.


He pulled out his cell, pulled up the contact number for the Ronacks Vice President, and put the phone to his ear.

"Yeah?" said Rod.

"Are you working at Leery's today?" He gazed at the woman's hands until she crossed her arms and kept them from his view. She wore no wedding ring.

"I start at eight."

"Do me a favor and roll aside a 70R13 for me." He peered at the condition of her other tires. "Better yet, if you have a used one with enough tread to make it safe, I'll take it.

"Will do. I've got a delivery at four thirty this afternoon and will be out with the truck. Do you want me to drop it at your place and save you a trip back to town?" asked Rod.

"Yeah, that'd be good. Thanks." He disconnected the call and directed his attention to the woman. "I'm not putting the spare tire you have on the car."

"Why not?"


She sighed. "Well, I can't help that. It's the only spare tire I have, and it came with the car. It's inflated and holding air."

"Still not going to put it on."

"But, you...I can't..." She blew out her breath, sending her hair away from her cheek. "I can't afford a new tire at the moment, and it sounds like you just asked someone to get me a new one."

"Never asked you to buy it." He picked up the jack, handed her the tire iron, and stepped away. "I'll put it on around five o'clock when I get back from work."

She stepped toward him. He turned and walked away, leaving her by her useless car.

"Wait," she called. "You really can't buy me a tire."

"Already done."

She tugged her shirt over her flat stomach. "Can you wait a couple of weeks until I can pay you back?"

"Never asked for money, —" He frowned. "What's your name?"

She worked her lips in worry and finally said, "Gia."

"Gia," he said and nodded. "Fits you."

Swiss turned and unlocked his door, set the jack down inside, and went back out. Gia stood in the same spot frowning at him. He walked to his motorcycle. It wasn't his problem if she hadn't liked him getting her a new tire. He wasn't going to be responsible for not stopping her from driving around on a spare that could abandon her at any time. Probably in the worst place.

He straddled the Harley. Out of his peripheral vision, he watched Gia step toward him. He slipped his key in and looked at her.

"Anything else?" he asked.

She glanced away and studied the road. "Is there a coffee shop within walking distance?"

"You don't have coffee?"

She shook her head.

He removed the key, hopped off the bike, and walked past her to his side of the duplex. He left the door open behind him. She could follow or not, that was up to her.

He could take the time to make enough coffee for two people easily enough. Usually, he stopped at the coffee shop in the morning, because it was one of the businesses Ronacks protected. He dumped a half a pot of water in the maker, filled the coffee filter, and pushed the power button.

Gia cleared her throat behind him. He glanced over his shoulder. She stood in the doorway watching him.

"You might as well come in and wait." He removed two mugs from the cupboard and turned around. "It won't take long."

Gia inched her way in, looking all around. For the first time, he picked up her shyness. What she'd given him during the middle of the night and that morning was fear. A fear he couldn't pinpoint the cause.

"Wow, your place is nice." She peered around the room.