Don't Say It:Ronacks Motorcycle Club(2)

By: Debra Kayn

Sander and Rod, his MC brothers, and to his surprise, his president, Battery, were inside the bar. Battery rarely showed up at the bar, even though the club owned the establishment. He preferred to stay away from the place that had changed the direction of his wife's life and almost got Bree killed back when her parents owned the joint.

Swiss strode through the back door and raised voices coming from the other room greeted him. He hurried through the kitchen and came out behind the counter of the bar to find Raelyn standing beside Battery. Sander and Rod blocked an angry woman from getting any closer to their president and their responsibility.

"I'm only asking if you've seen her." The woman, he guessed in her early twenties, raised her hands out to her sides. "Was she here or not?"

"I've already told you that I don't believe anyone fitting her description has been here and even if she had visited the bar, I cater to customers. Adult customers who have a right to come and go as they please without the stress of knowing they're patronage to my business will be questioned." Raelyn's shoulders drooped, and she looked up at Battery. "I believe we've done all we can to help the lady. It's time for her to leave."

"Go ahead and escort the lady outside and make sure she gets back on the road safely," said Battery in a tone that stopped the woman from arguing.

Rod and Sander bookended the woman and herded her toward the front door. Swiss waited until the members trespassed the woman from the bar and cleared his throat.

Raelyn swiveled around, her blondish ponytail swinging behind her, and sighed in relief. "Hi, Swiss."

"Hey, honey." Swiss then glanced at Battery. "Exciting night?"

"Some woman looking for her sister and thought getting in Raelyn's face would get her the answers she was looking for." Battery ran his hand down his full beard. "Where've you been?"

"Home sleeping." Swiss reached up and pulled his skullcap down to his brows. "I planned to go over to the clubhouse earlier, but grabbed some sandwiches at the deli and turned the game on. I crashed until it was time to come pick up the bag."

Raelyn placed her slim hand on Swiss's arm. "Speaking of which, let me get you the money."

Swiss watched Raelyn go to the end of the counter and open the cash register. There was something off with Raelyn tonight. She usually was in the mood to talk when the bar closed and would even sit down and share a beer with him to relax after a busy day before she had to go upstairs and relieve the babysitter. Tonight, she seemed distant, rushed, and serious.

"Is she okay?" Swiss lifted his chin in Raelyn's direction.

Battery lowered his voice, "Today's the anniversary of Duke's death."

"Jesus," he mumbled. "Can't believe it's been two years."

Raelyn and Duke had only found out they were going to be parents before Duke was shot and killed when the Russians came looking for Bree. Sorrow laid heavily on him. He'd been there the day Duke took the bullet and tried to stop the bleeding and get the lead out, but the high caliber shot had taken most of Duke's neck out. His MC brother was dead before anything could be done.

"Here you go," said Raelyn, stopping in front of Swiss.

He put the bag under his shirt in the back and tucked the material under his belt, covering the bulk with his leather Ronacks vest. "How's Dukie?"

"Running everywhere." Raelyn smiled tiredly. "He's only eighteen months and has already discovered how to climb up on top of the dining room table. I've resorted to locking the chairs in my room and out of his way unless we have company. I'm afraid one of these days, he's going to jump off and crack his chin open. He's a real daredevil. As it is, Pepper does such an awesome job keeping one step ahead of him while I work. Jana and Bree watch him for me when Pepper has to go to her college classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't know what I'd do without the women in my life."

Swiss leaned in and kissed her cheek. "You're a good momma, Rae."

Raelyn's eyes misted. Swiss squeezed her hand. Duke would be proud of his woman. She'd stayed strong throughout everything and lived for their son. Managing the bar gave her income and security. Along with the club supporting her, Raelyn would be fine.