Destroyed by the Bad Boy

By: Madison Collins


“Open up your mouth for me, princess. Let me show you how I like it.”

Without further delay I brought myself face-to-cock with Bentley’s member and in one fell swoop I deep throated him. While I couldn’t get his full cock into my mouth, I made sure to stroke what I couldn’t fit, and massage his balls so that they didn’t feel left out.

“Jesus. Fuck, Sierra.”

And to think this was only the beginning.

Chapter One


The visibility sucks, almost as much as being stuck in this Jeep with the world’s cockiest douche bag. Sometimes I just have to wonder if my mother was being an idiot when she decided to marry Bentley’s father, sure they make each other happy, but did she really think we would all be some sort of happy family that sings kumbaya and get along? Yeah right. That’s not happening. It’s not that Bentley’s bad to look at – no, he was more than blessed with good genetics. It’s his attitude, and the fact that he’s slept with every girl in the western hemisphere that annoy the shit out of me.

I look over to Bentley as he drives, and just sigh. What else can I do? We haven’t spoken in a few hours, not since that idiot opened his big fat mouth about why he packed a mega box of condoms and booze. I had happened across it in his luggage when I was trying to find a pack of gum in the pockets of his duffel bag. My hand landed on the box and looked to move it out of the way in my search for the gum. That’s when my eyes landed on the boldly printed MEGABOX of condoms. Size extra-large. Information that I so did not need to know. I’d heard all the stories already. I pulled my hand back as fast as I could, as though it had touched fire.

“Jesus Bentley, you will seriously fuck anything that moves, won’t you?” He looks and sees the box of condoms and smiles smugly, apparently proud of fact.

“Not anything that moves Sierra, just anything that has a nice ass and nice tits.” His smirk nearly sends me into a tailspin. I want to pummel him.

“Do you have even an ounce of respect in your body?!” But the smirk was still firmly planted on his smug face. “God, it’s only a week and it’s for our parents and their marriage. You do NOT need to get your dick sucked in every county from here to there!” I could feel my face getting red and so I tried to take a deep breath and calm down, but the next words out of his mouth made me want to punch him.

“I don’t wear condoms when I get sucked off, that would defeat the purpose of feeling my cum shoot down their throat.”

“You are a disgusting man-whore!” The rage inside of me had never been so high so I shut my mouth after that comment, knowing it would be impossible to reason with him any further. That and his constantly smirking face was getting on my nerves.

I wish I had never found that damn box of condoms. I could have lived the rest of my life without having to know the details of my soon-to-be stepbrother’s sex life. He was like a horny fifteen year old stuck in a twenty-two year old’s body. He was unreasonable and blunt and sexy as hell. It drove me batty to admit it, but there it was. Bentley was a man-whore and a pain in the ass, but man was he hot. He was tall, muscular, and had a cocky smile, complete with a dimple that dropped panties on a regular basis. His dark hair was cropped close with just enough to grab onto on the top, and his left arm was a scrolling design of black ink. Even though I’ve been ignoring him for the better part of the last two hours I can’t ignore the smell of his cologne. I turn up the volume and hope the sound of my music will drown out the intoxicating smell of him and the realization that we are in a very small cab space alone. I needed to get laid or something, because this was just ridiculous.

As I let the music fill my mind I’m reminded of how Bentley and I met. We live in a small town so it’s impossible to not hear the stories circulating around. I knew about him long before we ever officially met. Stories would crop up at school, at work, heck even at church the few times I bothered to go. Whether they were true or rumors I have yet to legitimately determine. But I’ve gathered that Bentley is into some really weird stuff, engaging in threesomes regularly, having a taste for bondage, and apparently he likes anal sex. The freakier the better. The stories were outrageous, but having met Bentley I knew that there had to be some truth in there. He’s a confident and cocksure guy, so I can only imagine that confidence extends to the bedroom. Though perhaps the story I am most interested to know the truth behind is the legend of his supposed nine-inch long cock. I lick my lips unconsciously and curse when I realize it. But seriously, nine inches? That’s massive. There’s no way I could handle something like that. I’ve only been with one other guy and he was the size of a Twinkie.