Destroy (Whispers From The Bayou #2)(5)

By: Sandra R Neeley

“Then why did he tell me about her if he didn’t plan on bringing her to me for such a long time?” Destroy pouted. “It’s like he just wanted to irritate me. To have something to hold over me for as long as possible.”

Carolena didn’t answer, but when he looked at her to be sure she’d heard him, she raised an eyebrow.

“Really? He just wanted to torture me?” Destroy asked, flabbergasted.

“Well, you did spend an awful lot of time warning people not to trust him because he was evil,” she answered. “He’s not all evil, Destroy. But you never gave him a chance. And you warned everyone else not to either, so maybe, I don’t know for sure, but maybe, it was his way of getting back at you a little.”

Destroy sat at the picnic table, his lower jaw hanging open, a stupid look on his face. Then worry and a little fear crossed his face. “Do you think he made her up? Do you think I really don’t have a woman that will be mine?”

Carolena didn’t like that he was uncertain and worried, but his impatience was the root of the whole problem, “Destroy, she is real. I’ve met her. You just need to be patient and realize that Lore does things in his own time. There is a method to his madness.”

“Indeed,” said a rich, deep voice that seemed to surround them.

“Lore!” Destroy exclaimed, jumping up to face the male that had materialized behind him.

“Hello, Lore,” Carolena said warmly, walking over to embrace the male, ignoring the slight mist still swirling about her feet.

“Carolena, dear, good evening,” Lore said, providing his cheek for her to kiss.

Lore turned his attention to Destroy, his mouth starting a slow curve at the Gargoyle’s appearance.

“Have you come to play with Lily?” Carolena asked.

“I’ve been playing with Lily all day, dear. I’ve come for Destroy,” he answered.

“You did?” Destroy stepped forward, “You came for me? Rowan needs me? Finally?” Destroy asked, so jittery he almost vibrated with anticipation.

“Perhaps,” Lore answered. “Are you ready?”

“Yes! I’ve been trying to tell you that for months and months and months! Were you not listening?” Destroy demanded.

“I tried not to. But, ‘twas rather pointless,” he answered in a bored tone. “You are rather grating upon my nerves, Gargoyle,” Lore said with an edge of irritation in his voice as he regarded the ribboned, powdered and red-lipped male in front of him.

Destroy shocked him when he dropped all pretense, looking him straight in the eye, he said, “I’m lonely.”

Lore watched him, taking his measure, “Then mayhap you have become the male she needs.”

“I will be anything she needs!” Destroy said forcefully.

“Do not forget yourself, Gargoyle. You will be pained if you do,” Lore warned. Lore simply stood, watching Destroy for a few moments.

Destroy couldn’t take it, he snapped, “Well, what are you waiting for? Bring her to me!”

Lore’s laughter filled the air, a trace of the manic disposition still tainting it, “Oh, I’m not bringing her to you; I’m taking you to her,” he announced as he suddenly dissipated into the thick roiling purple mist he was known for, wrapped around Destroy, and they began to fade from view.

Destroy’s voice could be heard murmuring a string of Catholic prayers as they faded away, and Carolena thought at the last moment to shout after him, “Close your eyes, Destroy! You don’t want to see some of the things that live in Lore’s world!” She didn’t know if he heard her or not, but she hoped he did.

Carnage came back outside with Lily walking behind him, proudly carrying a plate laden with breads and jams. Carnage carried a pitcher of sarsaparilla and another plate with sausages and cheeses.

“Leenah,” he said, “eeeat.”

“That looks really good!” she said as her husband placed his plate and pitcher on the table and turned to take the plate from Lily. Naturally, she refused to give it up, “No! I do it,” she told her Papa. Carnage didn’t hesitate. Instead of taking the plate from her, he just lifted her, so she could place it on the table next to the one he’d already put there.