Destroy (Whispers From The Bayou #2)(14)

By: Sandra R Neeley

“There is nothing funny about this! Rowan could have died! Her ribs are broken; she’s not awoken since I brought her here. How can you be so callous as to laugh at this?” Destroy hissed accusingly.

Enthrall, realizing that Destroy was truly very upset, tried to stop laughing and even tried to contain his smile. “I’m not laughing at this woman or this situation. I’m laughing at you.”

“You hate me so that you find it funny that I’m hurting, that my woman is injured?” Destroy asked, indignantly.

“No, Destroy. Not at all. You don’t understand,” and in spite of his efforts, he snickered a little which had Destroy rising up off the floor, deeply offended. “Go look, go look in the mirror, Destroy. You will see why I smile. You will see that I mean no disrespect.”

Destroy, a scowl on his face, hesitated for a moment.

Enthrall, able to discern the steady heartbeat of the woman Destroy had called his, said, “Relax, Destroy. She is injured, but she will heal. I can hear her heartbeat, I can smell her scent. She will be fine. She needs a little rest, but I believe she’ll be fine.”

Destroy scoffed at Enthrall, but then said, “Are you sure?”

“I’ve not examined her yet, but I sense no loss of life here, not enough weakness to cause it later.”

“Fine!” Destroy snapped at him before he finally decided to go look into Carolena’s mirror. “But do not disturb Rowan. She needs rest so that she may heal,” then he hurried down the hall toward the bathroom.

“I just said that,” Enthrall grumbled, shaking his head as he circled the sofa and took Destroy’s place beside Rowan. He felt her forehead for temperature and closed his eyes so that he could concentrate and listen closely for her breathing pattern. He opened his eyes and found Lily standing beside the sofa as well, her little hand again against Rowan’s forehead.

He smiled at the child, “What do you think, Lily? Is she well?”

Lily nodded, “Her’s in ‘dere.”

As she pulled her hand away, Enthrall noticed the slight purple mist that followed her fingers. His eyebrows raised, thinking that Lore was going to have to be careful. He was giving the little girl a lot of power, and he wasn’t altogether sure the child was able to manage the gifts Lore was bestowing on her.

It was then that Destroy came stomping back into the living room, face freshly scrubbed, a handful of silk ribbons and an indignant look on his face. “Really? No one could bother to tell me that I had makeup on my face? That I had ribbons tied to my horns?” Then he noticed Enthrall sitting next to Rowan, “And get away from my Rowan! Move! The first face she sees needs to be mine, not yours!”

Destroy stalked over to the sofa Rowan laid on, pulled Enthrall to his feet, and shoved him toward the kitchen away from Rowan.

Enthrall, still amused with Destroy’s beribboned appearance, chuckled again as he patiently allowed Destroy to push him away from the injured woman. Carnage was grinning, too. Carolena was the only one brave enough to address him. “Destroy, it didn’t seem important. You’d already saved Rowan, and we were more concerned with her welfare than the state of your appearance.”

A look of horror crossed the Gargoyle’s face, and he slapped his palm onto his own forehead, “That is how she first saw me. This is why she was smiling at me as I killed Abraham. Of course she would not take me seriously — I was beribboned!”

Lily walked over to Destroy and put her little hand on his knee, waited ‘til he looked down at her and said with a pout, “Pwetty ‘Stoy.”

Destroy, realizing that he’d made Lily think he was mad at her, reached down, running a hand through the top of her hair, “You’re right, Lily. I was very pretty.”

Carolena had gone ashen, “Did you say Abraham? You killed Abraham?”

Destroy’s eyes got huge, and he looked to Carnage. Carnage was already halfway to Carolena — Enthrall had stopped where he was pinching a piece of bread from the loaf on the counter top and also turned toward Carolena.

“Carolena, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” Destroy stammered.

But Carolena cut him off, raising her hands, shaking her head with her eyes closed, “Stop. Just stop.”