Destroy (Whispers From The Bayou #2)(12)

By: Sandra R Neeley

“That one can’t be changed! And I certainly don’t want to have to deal with Destroy when he finds out that another human female is here!”

Lore’s maniacal laughter was the only response Enthrall got.

“Where is she?” Enthrall yelled into the empty room, but it was too late, Lore was already gone.


Enthrall stalked down his porch stairs with no idea where he was headed. Lore had given him no indication of where this new human was, only that she was there. He suspected Lore did it on purpose. Grumbling, Enthrall set off to make a cursory visit to the members of the Whispers community in search of the human Lore had revealed. Enthrall was fully aware that he’d just an hour earlier wished for a little excitement. This, however, was overkill. He was reminded of the saying he’d heard over and over again. Regardless of the culture, they all had some form or another of it, ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.’ He made a mental note to be very careful what he wished for in the future.


Carolena pulled the final strip of torn bed sheet from underneath Rowan’s body and tugged it tightly over and around her side, tying it tightly to its other end to keep it in place. Destroy had rubbed some of Enthrall’s salve over her ribs, and Carnage had torn a bed sheet into strips for her. Then Destroy had helped her by holding Rowan steady as she methodically wrapped Rowan’s rib cage as tightly as she thought she could while still allowing the woman to breathe.

Carnage was not happy about something. He’d been very quiet since he’d seen Lore out earlier this morning, and Carolena had asked a time or two if he was alright. He’d only nodded, not meeting her eyes. He was either hiding something from her, or protecting her from something, and knowing him, they were probably one and the same. As Carolena finished wrapping Rowan and sat back on her heels, Carnage picked up the remnants of the supplies she’d used and started putting them away. She shook herself of the feeling that he was hiding something, knowing he’d tell her when he was ready.

Carnage had taken the bread out of the oven earlier, and it had cooled enough to be sliced now. Carolena went into the kitchen to wash her hands and do just that. She’d almost finished when she heard the slap of little feet on the floor. Lily had woken and true to her ever energetic nature was running full speed for the kitchen.

“Mama!” she called happily as she ran down the hallway.

“In here, baby,” Carolena called back.

Lily burst into the room and came to a screeching halt, staring at the sight that greeted her unexpectedly.

Destroy had made himself a place on the floor beside the sofa, near Rowan’s head, and was lost in watching her sleep, listening to her steady heartbeat. Rowan was still unconscious, though she seemed to be breathing a little easier since they’d wrapped her ribs.

“It’s okay, Lily. The lady is Uncle Destroy’s friend. She got hurt, so he brought her here to take care of her,” Carolena explained.

Carnage came back into the living room, having stored what was left of their first aid supplies in their bathroom. He picked Lily up and carried her into the kitchen. She strained to see the lady sleeping on their sofa even as Carnage sat her at the table to eat.

“Her’s okay?” Lily asked.

“‘Es,” Carnage answered, handing her a slice of bread with her favorite apple butter spread across it.

“She’ll be okay, she just needs to rest,” Carolena added.

Lily looked at the slice of bread in her hand, then at Destroy and the pretty lady on their sofa. She slid down from her chair and took the slice of bread to Destroy.

Destroy realized after a few silent moments that Lily was standing next to him. He smiled at her, “Hello, Lily.”

“Hi, Stoy,” she answered, handing him the bread.

Destroy took the bread from her, but looked over his shoulder to be sure that there was more for Lily to eat.

“We have plenty,” Carolena told him, her heart warming that even in his state of mind he still thought of Lily.

He nodded and took a bite, chewing slowly. When he turned back to Rowan and Lily, he was surprised to find Lily with her hand on Rowan’s forehead.