Destroy (Whispers From The Bayou #2)(10)

By: Sandra R Neeley

When he saw that it was a woman, his eyebrows rose, and he turned to Carolena, his mouth hanging open exaggeratedly, while he pointed at the woman.

Carolena nodded, “I know, she’s Rowan.”

Lore spoke, “My most sincere apologies, Carnage. I knew not of another place to take her.”

Carnage, still not sure why the woman was lying unconscious in his home where his wife and his daughter lived, lifted his hands in the air, and said exasperatedly with his eyebrows still raised, “Trawl! Go Trawl!”

“Carnage!” Carolena chided him.

He turned toward her, pointing even harder at Rowan where she still lay on their sofa, “’ick!” he said, voice raised, his face twisted with concern. He couldn’t risk his family getting sick!

Then Carolena understood, “Carnage, she’s not sick. She’s hurt.”

Carnage turned, looking closer at the woman. He got a little too close while trying to assure himself that the woman was indeed injured instead of sick, and Destroy snarled at him. Carnage pulled back his fist, preparing to hit Destroy, but Carolena was there in time, taking his fist in both her hands and drawing his attention to her.

“Rowan is his woman. Do you remember what it felt like when I was threatened, when I was hurt?” Carolena asked.

A shadow crossed Carnage’s face, and he nodded, then pulled her in for a hug.

“I brought them here instead of Enthrall’s home because Rowan knows you. When she wakes, she may not panic if she sees that you’re here, Carolena,” Lore said.

“How very thoughtful of you, Lore. Thank you,” Carolena replied. “What happened to her?”

“She was attacked,” Destroy answered, his voice dripping with menace.

“Oh, my God. Will she survive?” Carolena asked.

“She should. She has broken ribs, and she’s bruised, but I believe she will survive,” Lore answered.

“Who attacked her? Did you kill them? Are you sure that they won’t try to hurt her again?” Carolena asked.

Destroy and Lore both looked at Carolena. Lore opened his mouth to answer, but Destroy beat him to it, “Yes. He’s dead.”

“Thank goodness!” Carolena breathed out, relieved that the perpetrator had been taken care of.

Destroy and Lore exchanged a look before Destroy went back to concentrating on Rowan, tucking the afghan gently around her, brushing her hair from her face, laying his hand upon her back to feel for her shallow breaths. “I don’t know how to help you,” Destroy whispered to Rowan as she lay unconscious.

Carolena heard Destroy’s whispered admission, and said, “Let me get some water and a cloth, you can get her cleaned up. I have some of Enthrall’s salve, too. We can put some on her bruises and get her bandaged. The salve should help with the bruising.”

Destroy didn’t look away from Rowan, but nodded, “Thank you, Carolena.”

Carnage had not missed the look that Lore and Destroy shared. He touched Lore and pointed outside. Lore said, “I shall take my leave now. I’m too long in this form. It drains me.”

As soon as they got outside, Carnage turned on Lore. He pointed toward his home, indicating the woman inside. “Ooo huurrrt?” he asked. “Ooo?” Carnage repeated.

“It’s best if you don’t know who hurt her, Carnage,” Lore admitted and began gathering his mist.

Carnage took a step closer to Lore, his eyebrows raised, not in threat but as to say, ‘tell me’.

Lore stared back at him for what seemed like long minutes, but Carnage didn’t flinch. Finally, Lore gave in, “Fine, but remember I tried not to tell you.”

Carnage’s eyebrows wrinkled as he tried to figure out why Lore wouldn’t want him to know who it was.

Lore sighed, then said, “Abraham did it. Carolena’s father. And he is no more. Destroy killed him, but truth be told, I was planning to do it myself anyway.”

Carnage wasn’t sure what he expected, but this wasn’t it. Before he could think of any other questions, Lore had misted away and left Carnage standing alone on the deck.

He could hear Carolena walking back and forth between the kitchen and the living room taking Destroy things he’d need to care for his female. And Carolena was barefoot. He knew she hadn’t taken the time to clean up the broken coffee cup. He opened the door and walked back into his home. He went straight to the kitchen and took Carolena’s broom in hand. He got busy cleaning up the shards of broken pottery before Carolena walked in it or Lily woke up and got into it herself. This was not good. He didn’t like it one bit. They needed to go, and soon.