Destined to Crave(9)

By: Setta Jay

Their raised section allowed them to watch the dance floor below, but it was filled with too many people to catch the full show those two had been making.

Ophelia was still staring in that direction when she murmured, “Damn. If only I could find someone that could have that effect on me.” Lucy nodded in complete understanding.

A flicker of sadness glimmered in Ophelia’s eyes before she appeared to lock it away. It was a known fact that Immortal females weren’t attracted to less powerful males, and Ophelia was a Demi-Goddess. Only a very powerful Immortal would be able to arouse her in that way.

Immortal men, on the other hand, were ruled by their cocks. The guys actually needed the energies from sex as much as they required the healing energies of the world itself.

Forcing some fake cheer into the moment, Lucy declared, “Who needs males when there are so many choices in vibrators?”

Ophelia choked out a laugh. “True.”

They were spared more conversation about men or toys when their special shots of Immortal-strength vodka were dropped off.

“To toys.” They both grinned and clanked the small glasses together before downing the contents. Lucy relished the warmth that slid down her throat. After a second, she felt a little lighter, and they smiled conspiratorially, having come to an unspoken agreement that they were going to have a good time.

After sending the waiter for more festive drinks, they tucked their legs beneath them. The spot had become theirs in the four years since Ophelia had reached her majority. It wasn’t just because of the atmosphere at Slake. It was because this was the most secure place in the mortal Realm. She and Ophelia could relax their guard and have drinks without being constantly watchful. The island’s owner, Tynan, diligently screened anyone who sought entrance to the island.

When the crowd got a little loud for a second, she and Ophelia sat up, looking out at the dance floor. Anarchy and Althea had arrived, but they weren’t on the floor. They were grinding against each other on the top of the bar. The two couldn’t look more opposite as they danced and laughed as they sang along to the music.

Lucy couldn’t stop the smile that spread on her face. Anarchy’s sexy curves were wrapped in a low-slung, short black skirt and a sparkling red halter that showed a lot of light-cocoa skin. Her long hair was in tight braids that flipped back and forth as she moved to the pulsing beat.

Thea, on the other hand… Is she trying to twerk?

Lucy and Ophelia burst into laughter. Thea oddly had zero rhythm, but that never stopped her from going all out anytime music played. Whatever was playing at the moment seemed to be her “jam.” Her shoulder-length, dark hair was bleached white at the tips, and she wore a ripped black tank top with some white writing, and a short black skirt. Her blue-tinted mercury eyes glittered in the purple neon around the bar. The metallic sheen was courtesy of her “vampire” half.

If her father could see her now… Lucy shook her head as she and Ophelia exchanged knowing looks. Both girls’ fathers would lose their minds if they saw their daughters dancing on a bar with Immortal males drooling below, especially when said males were likely getting a great view of some skimpy thongs. At least there were no cell phones permitted on the island.

A moment passed, and then the crowd parted.

It had only been a matter of time.

Tynan had arrived. He towered above most of the club’s patrons, and his dark hair, strong jaw, and silver eyes only enhanced his sexy yet intimidating appeal. The shirt sleeve of his dark suit slipped back, revealing a strong, tanned wrist as he held his hand up to Anarchy.

Even from a distance, Lucy could see flames flickering in the Phoenix’s eyes as she defiantly planted her hands on her hips for a second. A moment passed, and she made an obvious huff. Switching to a big grin, she jumped gracefully into his arms.

Lucy couldn’t see the male’s expression, but she was sure he was smiling indulgently. Tynan was made of pure sex appeal and charm. But he was also a close friend of all their parents.

The crowd shifted more, allowing Tynan to easily set the birthday girl on the floor. That done, he turned and reached his hand up for Thea so she could climb down via the chair. She winked down at him and then flashed a bit of saucy fang. Lucy was a little surprised Thea didn’t jump into his arms like Anarchy had. Instead, she bent so he could lift her down by the waist.

He was shaking his head as he escorted the two through the crowd in Lucy and Ophelia’s direction. When they were almost past the sexy dancing couple from earlier, Thea stilled. Frowning, Lucy watched as Tynan turned to his charge. A wisp of raw power slipped up to the VIP section, and Lucy and Ophelia exchanged a look.