Destined to Crave(8)

By: Setta Jay

Ophelia snorted. “No kidding. That’s part of why I didn’t wait for them. I need a primer before they get here.”

Anarchy would know if their hearts weren’t in the party, and since this was a big night for their friend, they needed to get in the mood. At twenty-nine, Lucy had been there for everything in every single one of their lives, and she wouldn’t bow out tonight. She’d put her game face on and have a good time, no matter how much her mind strayed to a sexy, tattooed God or the weird sensation they’d felt outside.

“That sounds perfect,” Lucy agreed, smiling. “Shots?”

Ophelia grinned back at her. “Definitely shots.”

Immortal metabolisms didn’t make getting a buzz easy, but it wasn’t impossible. There were special wines and liquors distilled in the Immortal Realm that packed a much bigger punch than mortals could generally take.

In reality, Lucy deserved a celebration of her own for her part in helping ensure Anarchy survived to adulthood. It might “take a village” to raise human children, but it took practically an entire city of powerful beings to keep Guardian children out of trouble. They were a mix of different beasts with an array of dangerous or mischievous traits. They’d all pushed limits no human child would even fathom or attempt, partly because, aside from decapitation, they were pretty indestructible. Not that regrowing limbs was fun, but they’d all gone through it.

Far worse was when they gained the ability to teleport. Only Gods, Guardians, and the Immortal race known as Kairos had that particular skill set. The only thing that saved them all was that teleporting usually came around sixteen or seventeen. It took sneaking out to a whole new, dangerous level when a teenager could end up anywhere in the four Realms within a matter of minutes. A few children started teleporting earlier, like Rykr had, but for most, it was an adolescent thing.

A few steps into the hallway, they passed a hulking security guy in a black suit. The male nodded respectfully. They were expected tonight. She wouldn’t be surprised if security cameras had been on them since she ported in.

The hall opened up beside one of the more grandiose carved staircases of Slake, the one that would take them up to Club Thirst. Mortals and Immortals milled around, dressed for an evening of fun in the clubs and bars. Most would end up in one of the fantasy rooms to indulge in their dirtiest desires. Lucy imagined there’d be a lot of fang involved in whatever went on in those rooms, considering that was the major draw of the place. Any other amenities for indulgence or pampering were just icing.

Heated looks slid over their bodies, lingering appreciatively as the two made their way up the stairs. No male dared more than look, though, since they valued either their lives or, more likely, the sensitive aspects of their anatomy. Having a Guardian or a powerful God as a father meant the girls were given plenty of space by Immortal males as a whole.

After taking a few flights up the curved steps, they finally made it to the top floor. Stepping past a crowd of laughing, excited females, they nodded at the security guard, who ushered them into the nearly dark club.

Purple light glowed from the recesses of the ceiling to highlight females dancing in cages. The dance floor was packed with swaying bodies moving to the erotic beat thrumming all around them.

They headed toward the two-story wall of heavy glass that separated the illuminated blue pool from the club. Plant life swayed in the clear water as two female Nereids, or “mermaids,” swam naked. Their iridescent tails flicked and streamed through the water, appearing delicate and nearly transparent. The females were doing a beautiful kind of dance beneath the surface, meeting to kiss softly as their tails fanned out in the opposite directions.

Thirst was in the more sensual, or tame, part of the resort, but that hadn’t stopped a few couples from getting caught up in all the pheromones in the air. Lucy might be immune to the allure of the beautiful beings around her, but the scent of arousal still affected her. Her eyes flickered to a blond female in a short black dress dancing provocatively with a dark-haired “vampire” at her back. Lucy was caught by the sight of the female, her back to his front, the male’s hand at the apex of her thighs as she rotated her hips. Even in the near darkness, it was clear what he was doing to her. The blonde’s lips were parted in a gasp as her head rested back against his hard chest. The dim light flickered off the male’s metallic eyes, and the arousal there was unmistakable.

Lucy nearly groaned and forced herself to look away as she followed Ophelia up a few hidden steps to the right, where their private seating area awaited.

She let out a breath when she sank onto one of the couches. A shirtless waiter had followed, so they quickly ordered drinks. The entire scene made her think of Rykr, of him holding her exactly the same way, with his hand between her thighs. Maybe restraining her with his thick forearm so she was completely at his mercy. She mentally groaned. Considering he was a good foot and a half taller than her now, their bodies might not line up that way, not even if she wore higher heels.