Destined to Crave(10)

By: Setta Jay

“Is that Thea’s power?” Ophelia whispered.

Lucy nodded. “I think so.” Every Immortal on the dance floor seemed rooted in place, having either felt it or having heard rumors of Thea’s budding ability. Either way, it had turned into a room of statues.

The small Immortal turned to the blonde dressed in black and slid a hand over the human’s arm. The blonde’s eyes widened, and Lucy wondered what she was feeling.

A few minutes passed as the vampire at the mortal’s back moved away from his dance partner. Judging from the scene and the way the male looked down at Thea, their friend was speaking to him telepathically.

It was impossible to look away.

Tynan’s muscles were tense as he protectively watched over the exchange. The other vampire seemed to suck in a deep breath before getting an almost reverent look on his face. He turned back to the mortal and bowed respectfully, showing a hint of fang before softly kissing his dance partner’s hand and saying something they couldn’t hear, maybe an apology, before leaving her.

Tynan briefly halted Thea, gazing intently at her. Lucy wondered if they were speaking telepathically, as neither of their lips were moving. She and Anarchy turned from him a moment later to walk up the stairs to their VIP section as Tynan watched. After a moment, he spoke to the blonde before some of his staff ushered her away. Not one vampire seemed able to tear their gaze from Thea, but she appeared unaware of the attention. If anything, she looked lost in thought.

A mating bond was sacred for their kind, especially to those who’d lived alone for thousands of years. That blonde was marked for an Immortal. Thea wouldn’t know which one, only that she’d found a mortal mate.

Lucy wondered what the years would bring, how many mates Thea would find. Thea had only found her gift in the last couple of years, and this was only the third time she’d found a mortal who’s unknown mate was waiting for her somewhere.

“Can you believe her mojo?” Anarchy said, smacking Thea on the arm when they sat down.

After Thea righted herself from the whack her friend gave her, she smiled and winked, though it seemed forced. “I do what I can.”

“Are you okay?” Lucy asked.

With a flippant wave the other female replied, “All good. Just shaking off the mojo.”

Anarchy gave her a side hug, and the two shared a look. There was definitely a secret there.

A waiter arrived a moment later, sparing Thea more attention she didn’t seem to want. Signature Thirst martinis, smoking with dry ice, slid in front of them. The drinks were a sort of blood-red, vampire-inspired cosmopolitan and had to be courtesy of Tynan. The other drinks she and Ophelia had ordered were set to the side.

Lucy nodded at the mortal waiter. He was new and seemed to be having a good time flirting with Anarchy before exiting their secluded spot. The birthday girl took her cocktail with a wide, covetous grin. Her excitement was contagious enough to get Lucy back in the spirit of things.

“I will get back on that bar tonight,” the Phoenix declared. “Or I might get in the pool with the Nereids. I’d love to see Tynan try to fish me out. I’d be all wet.” The last was said with a fun little shimmy in her seat.

Ophelia snorted. “He’s like family.”

Thea murmured, “Yeah, the uncle I’d like to handcuff to my bed.”

“What is wrong with you two?” Ophelia laughed.

Thea’s eyes widened in mock innocence. “What?”

The flirting had been a game for Thea forever, but in reality, Lucy knew very well that the other female had real affection for Tynan, and it wasn’t the dirty kind.

Lucy leaned back, drinking deeply of her smoking drink. It tasted like magic, which meant she needed to slow down. She’d had a lot of Immortal-strength drinks in a very short time. Smiling, she listened to the girls’ antics, wishing the warmth of the booze wouldn’t make her wish for another kind of warmth. One that included a sexy, tattooed God who belonged to her. She put her hand to her stomach. There was a fluttering there that she knew was just her wishing for something more.

It was warm, comforting.

They laughed and talked for only a few minutes before Ophelia stilled completely.

“What’s going on?”

The Demi-Goddess sat up and looked out to the entrance with a hard glint in her eye. “We’re about to be escorted out of here.”

“What?” Lucy wasn’t sure if Anarchy or Thea spoke. She was too caught up in the sense that something was very wrong.

It took only a moment before the club itself silenced, and they turned as one to see their fathers at the entrance to Thirst, with Tynan at their side. The massive Guardians and God towered over the others in the room, and their sheer power radiated out in waves, stilling the masses. Hades wore a suit, his black wings retracted into his back. There was a very dangerous glint in the Deity’s blazing blue gaze that matched the three Guardians’ at his side, including her father’s. Everyone instinctively moved back as the powerful males swept the room with their eyes and power. They were far too tense, and that set Lucy on alert as she scanned the room with them, knowing the other girls were also searching for some kind of threat.