Destined to Crave

By: Setta Jay


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Secondly, to Lindy, thank you, not only for your friendship, but for poring through drafts and giving valuable input.

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Destined to Crave – Descended of Guardians #1

The descendant of two almighty Gods and a Guardian of Earth, Eirykr “Rykr” is born of immense power. Yet, no amount of strength or skill can save him from the curse that tore him away from his first and only love. Turned into a shadowy assassin, he wields the demons bound to his soul with the ruthlessness of a blade. For nearly a decade, he’s searched for the key to free himself, all the while watching over and dangerously craving the beautiful mate who believes she’s driven him away.

Lucy is a born protector, a trait of her Guardian lineage. When her greatest gift was torn from her, leaving a gaping hole in her soul, she refuses to allow a young Rykr, her known mate, to suffer the same dire consequences. Her fear forces her to make a haunting decision and with a grave threat she crushes him, demanding they part for a decade. Yet, as the years pass she can feel him watching her from the shadows, conjuring wild fantasies that make her ache for him to finally end their torment.

As time ticks toward the decade mark, dark forces rush to descend. Will Rykr’s secret and relentless need to protect Lucy condemn them to a hopeless destiny of constant craving? Or will Lucy bind them for all eternity, no matter the violent threat to her very soul?

New Beginning

End of days. Armageddon. Apocalypse.

The terrifying red words flashed frantically through emergency broadcasts while bone-chilling wails emitted from phones, televisions, and hidden speakers on street corners, causing mass hysteria. All the while, the media streamed horrifying images of buildings and bridges swarming with flames or crashing beneath catastrophic waves. More images captured nightmarish creatures bounding through the streets, spewing flames from their open maws or ripping into mortals with deadly fangs.

Screams rang out as wild chaos ensued all over the world. Not a single country had been truly safe from “the end.” Those without technology had no warning until they felt the shuddering impact of the collapse and subsequent resurgence of the four Realms—the mortal plane of Earth, Heaven, Hell, and the Immortal land of Tetartos.

Until then, mankind hadn’t even known the world was one of four planes. They’d been completely and blissfully ignorant until faced with the horrific proof of their true fragility. The event lasted mere moments, but the death toll continued to soar long afterward. The utter devastation left behind was irrevocable evidence of the deception of their reality.

Other illusions were shattered as well. Powerful Gods and Immortal beings, long ago regulated to the pages of mythology books, were real and on Earth, as was the magic the beings wielded to save them all. After the Realms righted, humanity stood shell-shocked and shaking as Immortals of different races ripped through the rubble with fingers or claws, managing to free injured and bloody men, women and children trapped in the carnage. Right before mortal eyes, these beings changed from man to beast, becoming dragons, massive cats, and more. Wolves bounded through the wreckage as winged men and women soared up and tamed the flames. Magic lashed out as telekinesis lifted twisted metal and cement from those buried within. Even mermaids dove into frigid waters, breaking through windshields, pulling nearly drowned people from cars that had fallen into the icy depths.

Immortals and mankind of all races and religions united as one for their world, at least for those days, months, and years right after the resurgence of the Realms. No more beautiful and heartbreaking a sight could have been captured for the world to see.