Desired by the Bear Book 2(7)

By: V. Vaughn

Rachel inhales sharply. “Oh, god. Julie...”

Jean Luc looks at me, and I see his alpha flash in his eyes. His anger, pain, and need for vengeance screams in my mind as he says, “I think we need to talk to Henri.”



We pull into a dirt driveway, and the truck clunks into park. René barely turns the ignition off before he pounces on me. He pushes me down on the bench seat and kisses me with a roughness that makes my entire being throb. When he moves down to my neck I say, “Make me feel it.”

Fabric tears as René rips my T-shirt, and he gazes down at me as his bear flashes in his eyes. He extends a claw and slices the tiny bit of fabric between the cups of my bra. A low sound comes from the back of his throat before he latches onto my breast with strong suction. I moan in pleasure as I grip his hair with one hand and rake my fingernails along his back with the other.

René lifts up and says, “Out of the truck.”

I sit up and scramble to his side of the cab to jump down after he gets out. The impact of my landing radiates through my legs before René tears at my jeans to get them off me. I remove my ripped shirt and bra as I step out of my pants. René is on his knees, and he tosses my jeans before he grips my thighs to spread my legs. He lets out a huff of hot breath that heats my skin before he swipes his tongue over my folds. “Sweet Jesus,” he says, “You taste so fucking good.”

I fall back against the truck with a thud as he nips at my clit with his teeth. I moan at the ripple of pain mixed with pleasure. “Yes. Make me know I’m yours.” He shoves fingers inside me, and now I begin to writhe as my orgasm approaches. I hold René’s head as a roar builds all the way from my toes, and it escapes as I come.

I’m quaking with my release as he stands and lowers his pants. I want to taste his long thick cock, but he’s got other ideas. He reveals his incredible muscle mass as he removes his shirt and says, “Turn around and get on your knees, babe. I’m going to make you scream so loud the kingdom will know you’re mine.”

The ground is hard on my knees as I fall to them, and gravel bites into my palms as I brace myself and arch my back to present myself to René. He grabs onto my hips as he drags his cock along my moist sex. “Oh god,” I pant as he teases me.

His breath tickles my ear as he leans over me and asks, “What do you want, Nadia?”

“I want you inside me.”

He guides himself to press the head of his dick against my opening. “I thought you were a bad girl.” He pulls away, and I tremble with my need. He says, “Try again.”

“Fuck me, René.”

He lets out a low growl and drags his cock along my seam again. This time with more pressure and he presses against my channel again. “How do you want to be fucked, Nadia?”

“Hard.” I’m panting with my desire as I shove my bottom back to get more. When he still doesn’t push into me I whimper and add, “Please.”

He rams me with a force that makes me slide across the driveway a bit as he says, “That’s more like it.” René pounds me as if he’s trying to get as deep as possible, and I revel in the growl in him that grows as he comes undone. The friction is rough as his groin smacks against my bottom, and I push back so I can feel more. He lets out a low roar when he comes, and his hot essence fills me as I get closer. He continues to pump his hips and reaches around to rub my clit. It sends me over the edge, and I cry out before René collapses on top of me.

I notice that bits of gravel are digging into my arms now, and I sigh as René lifts himself off of me. He says, “Sorry about that. My bear had to have you.”

I get up too, and turn to face him with a grin. “Don’t be.”

He smiles back. “Yeah?”


My clothes are soft in my arms as I gather them up, and René says, “Come on inside. I think I have a bed somewhere.”

My thighs are sticky as I walk, and I take in the saltbox-style home before me. I ask, “And a shower?”

René’s key turns, and a lock clicks before he opens his door. “The shower’s good. I can bend you over a kitchen counter, a couch, a deck railing. Whatever you want. The list goes on, beautiful.”

After I shut the door behind me he crowds me against it, and our clothing thuds as we both drop our things to attend to other matters. His hands slap against the wood above my head as he leans in and kisses me. I fall into it as our true mate connection twists and twines us together in an unbreakable bond. His fingers dig into my thighs when he lifts me up, and I wrap my legs around him tight when he carries me through the house to the bathroom. We spend the next few hours discovering the pleasure of each other’s bodies in and out of water.