Desired by the Bear Book 2(56)

By: V. Vaughn

“Why am I here?” I ask.

The woman doesn’t answer, and a key clanks against metal before the door in front of me squeaks open. I stay still, and a paper bag rustles before she drops it with a thud. A plastic water bottle lands next and rolls to a stop at my feet. The cage shudders when she slams the door shut as if she’s afraid I’ll attack her. I say, “Please. Is my mother okay?” She still doesn’t speak, and I cry when she begins to walk away. Any pride I might have is long gone, and now I beg. “Please, tell me what I did. Whatever it is, I’m so sorry! Let me fix this.” But her footsteps echo off the walls of the cave before a door slams in the distance.

* * *