Desired by the Bear Book 2(5)

By: V. Vaughn

“I know. I’m shocked too.”

“You’re the model, right?”

“Not any more.”

He chuckles before he says, “Bet you didn’t expect to end up with a hick.”

I reach over and place my hand on his crotch. His stomach trembles under my fingers as I work on the button of his jeans. “Don’t judge me by my appearance. I’ve spent more time as a bear than as a human. You’ve got your hands full with me.” I release his cock, and when I notice the size I say, “And apparently so do I.”

He groans as he turns onto a dirt road, and his voice is gravelly as he says, “Babe, you have no idea.”



I stretch my legs out, and my muscles tighten as I wake from a nap. My body’s working hard to create three children, and I spend a lot of time sleeping these days. When I sit up on the couch, I notice my mother-in-law Grace at the kitchen table. She’s working on one of her crossword puzzles, and her pencil scratches as she fills an answer in. Without looking at me she says, “There’s hot water on the stove for tea if you want it.”


As I walk over to the kitchen, Jean Luc sends me a telepathic message. “I’m bringing an old friend home for dinner, and I’m going to need your mind reading powers to let me know if she’s telling the truth.”

When I was mated to Jean Luc, I learned I have magical powers. Tally, our medicine woman, has been working with me to hone my talents. While one of my gifts is healing, it takes a lot out of me, so I save it for when it’s really needed. Another of my powers is the ability to read minds, and fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to do. I can determine what people are thinking and if they’re lying. I say, “Sure. This sounds interesting.”

“It is. And her name is Rachel.”

“Tally’s Rachel?” Tally was sucked through a portal she and Marcel created when he kissed her the other day, and she witnessed a woman giving birth to twins. Tally was in the body of the woman who delivered the two babies, and she could feel the woman’s intention of stealing one. The mother of the babies was named Rachel.

“I don’t know. But her daughter is Kelsey, my intern.”

“I’ll tell Grace. See you soon.”

I turn from the stove to say to Grace. “Jean Luc is bringing home a guest for dinner.”

“That’s fine. I have a lasagna in the oven, and there will be plenty for all of us.”

My stomach growls at the mention of food, and I open the fridge to look for a snack. I grab the blueberries, and tart juice explodes in my mouth as I bite one. I place my hand on my stomach as I recall more of Tally’s experience in the portal. She said Rachel was told one of her twins was dead. Anguish squeezes my heart with an iron grip as I imagine the pain of losing a child. My hormones make my eyes fill with tears.

Grace asks, “Is something wrong?”

I shake off my morbid thoughts as I wave my hand in dismissal. “No. I’m just being an emotional pregnant woman.” We both detect the rumble of my husband’s truck coming down the road, and I say, “I suppose we should get ready for our guest.”

I go to my bedroom to freshen up while Grace takes care of the kitchen tasks. I return as Jean Luc opens the door, and he greets me with a kiss before he introduces me to Rachel. I take in her wavy dark hair and bright blue eyes. She’s taller than most human women, and I wonder if maybe she’s a half. Jean Luc says, “Rachel and I went to University of Maine together.”

I smile at her. “Does this mean I get to hear about the foolish things my husband did as a college boy?”

As I wait for her reply I tap into her thoughts. Sadness fills them as she says, “He wasn’t very wild.” She glances at Jean Luc before she says, “And I’d probably incriminate myself more than him if I started to tell stories.”

I lead them into the kitchen and stools scrape over the floor as Rachel and Jean Luc sit. Jean Luc says, “We were thick as thieves for a while there when Rachel and Henri dated.”

Henri? Now I’m very interested in Rachel. Henri is Jean Luc’s lifelong best friend. He’s a quiet guy with a quick wit and a kind heart. I enjoy the man immensely, but his wife, Julie is another matter. Henri has a lot of power in the clan as Jean Luc’s second in command, but you’d never know it by the way he lives his life. Julie, however, is constantly strutting the status Henri is often embarrassed about. Since they’re not true mates, their marriage is based on the bond that occurs when werebear bite each other. Because the love wears off, it requires they bite each other every few weeks to keep it going. I’m well-versed in that kind of relationship since I was in a similar situation before I met Jean Luc. So while I can’t judge her too harshly for that, other things about Julie make me uneasy. I don’t know why Henri got involved with her, but I think he stays with her because of their children.