Desired by the Bear Book 2(4)

By: V. Vaughn

Rock music and the buzz of conversations drift out the doors as a couple leaves, and we approach the wooden building. When we get inside, Xavier takes us straight to the bar. My naturally blond hair draws attention in a town full of redheads and brunettes, and I pretend I don’t notice the people staring at me as we walk by. I’d be nervous, considering I’m being hunted, but we’re in werebear territory, and the stray human in the mix is not only identified, but wouldn’t stand a chance here if they tried anything.

When I see the bartender is male and staring at me, I push my way in front of Xavier. I ask, “What’s on draft?” I decide I want a Canadian beer and order what Xavier wants. I know that the guys probably have the chivalry thing engrained in their heads, but I don’t want to start off with them thinking they should pay for my drinks. I’ve got a hefty bank account from my modeling stint, and I have no trouble using it.

Two chilled bottles are wet in my hands as I grab our drinks. Xavier says, “Follow me.”

He leads me over to the pool tables, and I recognize a few guys from the gym. They’re hanging out around a game, and I say hi before I’m drawn to a man bending over to take a shot. His butt is round and firm in a way that makes me want to grab it. And when I take a breath I get a little woozy. Whoa. I inhale deeply, and it’s as if I’ve been drugged because a euphoric wave washes over me. Could it be?

A cue ball cracks, and a cheer erupts from the guys, but the sounds are all background noise to the sensations swirling around in me. The man notices our connection too, because he stops laughing to whip around and stare at me. If this were a tacky movie, some sappy music would play and the camera would blur out the rest of the room as the two of us gaze at each other. And in my mind, that’s exactly what happens.

He reaches his hand out for me, and I take it. The moment I do he yanks me against his body, and firm muscle is hard on my soft breasts, making my nipples contract as the electricity practically sparks off us. He whispers, “It’s about fucking time,” and he kisses me. The crowd around us only comes into focus again when they begin to hoot and holler as my true mate claims me with his tongue. Before we take things too far for a public place, I break away panting.

I croak out, “Nadia.”

“René.” He steps back from me as he rakes his hand through his auburn hair. Fine lines are around his eyes, making me think he’s got about ten years on me. His shoulders are broad, and his neck is so thick he’s got to be a warrior. My kind of man. When he licks his lips as he scans my body with his gaze, I’m sure we belong together, because I like them feral. He asks, “Wanna go for a ride?”

I glance at Xavier out of consideration for my friend, and he winks at me. I say, “Hell, yeah.”

René places his hand on the small of my back as we walk out of the bar. His touch sears me as my desire oozes from my pores. I can smell René’s lust for me too, and I wonder if we can make it beyond the parking lot before tearing each other’s clothes off. It occurs to me that he’s probably the René who leads the clan warriors, and I smile to myself because I bet I get a spot on the warrior team now. His voice is husky as we walk across the asphalt. Leftover dirt thrown down for traction after a snowstorm crackles under our feet as he says, “I only live a couple miles from here, or do you want to go to your place?”

I think about Abby and have no doubt she’d hear us through the thin walls considering I know when she’s flushed the toilet. While I’m not modest, I don’t think she’d appreciate being kept awake all night so I say, “I’m in the apartments at Ouellette Yachts. Let’s go to your place.”

He stops us at a large truck and nods in reply.

My foot clunks on a metal step as I hoist myself up into a huge cab that is high off the ground. The faint aroma of pine tries and fails to mask the odor of René’s musk. I guess it has permeated the leather seats because of the number of times he’s driven home from the gym without showering. The smell reaches deep into me, and I’m tempted to throw the tree-shaped freshener hanging from his rearview mirror out the window.

When René gets behind the wheel, I notice he grips it so hard his knuckles are white. I squirm with my desire as I ask, “Are you okay?”

A low growl rumbles in his chest. “I’m trying to hold on until we get to my house.” The engine lets out a roar of it’s own as he mashes the petal and we squeal out of the parking lot. It’s a ridiculous high school move that makes me laugh, and I glance over at René to see a mouthful of white teeth as he grins too. “Yeah. I’ve gone Neanderthal, but I can’t believe I finally found you.”