Desired by the Bear Book 2

By: V. Vaughn


Tally’s trip through the portal revealed a shocking truth and put her in jeopardy. When Tally is pulled once again she accidentally takes Nadia with her. Having just found her true mate, Nadia was hopeful she’d finally realize a peaceful destiny. Being sucked into another dimension threatens to take away the man she loves and her chance at happiness.

While Izzy works alongside Jean Luc to keep the clan safe from the hunters that loom on the horizon and deal with the aftermath of the discovery that Kelsey is Henri’s daughter, Kelsey falls deeper in love with Val. But as Kelsey prepares for a life as a werebear, evil forces step in with the intent to alter her fate and destroy the Ouellette clan.



This is so unfair! I haven’t done anything wrong, and I’m being treated like a criminal. I rub my arm where an Ouellette warrior grabbed me. He and another warrior think my mother and I are hunters, so they brought us to the office building of Ouellette Yachts to wait for Jean Luc Ouellette, the clan’s alpha, to come deal with us. I’m not quite sure what a hunter is, but I have a good idea. To think a weak human could kill werebear seems ridiculous to me, but apparently I look like just like a hunter named Cat.

The plastic chair I’m sitting in was dragged in here for me, and it’s hard under my bottom as I squirm, so I get up to pace instead. I’m being held prisoner in a small room that appears to be unused. Val, my werebear boyfriend, isn’t allowed to talk to me, and they put my mother in a room of her own too. I hug myself as I recall the sound of bears roaring. I’m not so sure this werebear world is for me. I’ve never been more terrified than I was when Marcel and Val started sprouting hair and their hands turned to large paws.

I thud down in the chair and drop my head into my hands. Minutes ago I was on top of the world, and now I’m accused of being a killer. Tears come again. Talk about a roller coaster ride. In the past week, I’ve managed to go from a simple girl starting her dream job, to finding out I’m half werebear and falling in love with my true mate. I was ready to become a werebear too, so I could be with Val forever. Now I don’t think it’s such a good idea.

The door knob rattles as I try it. I’ve moved on to anxiety mixed with a dose of panic. I don’t know how the werebear justice system works, but it’s likely a swifter version of what humans do. Bile rises in my throat as I think about what could happen if Jean Luc believes his warriors. Would they kill me?

I think back to the day I drove to Safe Harbor for my internship at one of the most prestigious boat-building businesses on the Atlantic coast. I stopped at a gas station not too far from here, and the young boy working there looked so much like me he could have been my brother. And I definitely freaked out his mother. I wonder if this Cat girl the warriors mistook me for is related to that family, and if maybe I am too. I should have listened to my mother and never come here. But... Val. I love him with all my heart. I could never leave him behind.

I thud back down in my chair. Val went ballistic when he discovered I was being taken. Marcel’s large body blocked me from most of it as he trapped me against a railing. And while I was terrified, the sight of Val shifting into a bear was exciting at the same time. Definitely an it’s-so-wrong-that-it-felt-good moment. I know he’d do anything to protect me, and I have to hang on to the hope he won’t let me die.

I put my feet on the edge of the chair and hug my knees. Tears tickle my chin as they drip off, and I think about being with Val. Last night after work we had sex for the first time, and it was phenomenal. A sob racks through my body when I imagine I might never be with him again. Why is this happening to me?

The doorknob rattles again, and the cotton of my sleeve is rough on my face as I swipe away my tears quickly. It’s Jean Luc and Val, and I scan my boyfriend quickly to make sure he’s okay. When I look at Jean Luc, he says, “Kelsey, you’re free to go.”

I let out a big breath and rush toward Val. The worry etched on his face falls away as he sighs and pulls me into an embrace so tight my spine cracks. But I don’t care. The relief that washes over me is much greater than any discomfort I feel. He asks, “Are you okay?”

I take a shaky breath and let it out as the man I love holds me. “I’m fine now.” I squeeze him back as his touch comforts me. Oh! “What about my mother?”

Jean Luc says, “I need to talk to her, Kelsey.”

I pull away from Val to gaze at my boss as fear makes my heart beat faster. “Don’t worry,” he says, “I’m sure she’s not a hunter.”