Delta Force Daddy

By: Carol Ericson

A wounded soldier battles for total recall.

But can he trust his elusive memories?

Amnesia has robbed Asher Knight of his memories of a fatal mission. Now he doesn’t recognize Paige Sterling, the woman who claims to be his fiancée. Does the Delta Force lieutenant have PTSD—or something more sinister? On the run, he must rely on Paige to dodge unknown assassins and help him regain his memory...but is the secret she keeps from him even more shocking?

Red, White and Built: Pumped Up

Paige released a sigh.

“Thank God. I was so worried about you, but I didn’t call 911 and we’re on our way to a safe house.”

Paige waited for Asher to say more, maybe how he felt or what he thought happened to him.

Instead, he downed the water and gazed out the window.

“Asher?” He seemed awake but was this some kind of suspended state of consciousness? She waited for several minutes that stretched into an eternity.

“Asher? Did you hear me? We’re on our way to a safe house.” She touched his cool hand.

He snatched his hand away from her, screwed on the lid to the empty bottle, placed it back in the cup holder and finally turned toward her, his green eyes dark and unfathomable.

“When the hell were you going to tell me about our daughter?”


Paige Sterling—A therapist who specializes in PTSD, she has her most important client ever—her Delta Force fiancé, who was ambushed and injured by the enemy. She not only has to help him remember what happened at the meeting he attended with his commander, Major Denver, that resulted in the major going AWOL, she has to help him remember her and their child.

Asher Knight—This Delta Force soldier can’t remember what happened the moment he got injured and his commander went AWOL, but he knows there’s something suspicious about his “rehabilitation.” Although he has a visceral attraction to the woman who rescues him, he soon learns even she is keeping secrets from him.

Ivy Knight—Paige and Asher’s daughter, she becomes a pawn in a dangerous political game.

Dylan Curran—An army ranger who was at the meeting with Asher and Major Denver, he paid an even higher price than Asher for his involvement in Major Denver’s secret meeting.

Tabitha Crane—A nurse who helped Asher in his rehabilitation, she now has a dangerous obsession with him that could get them both killed.

“Linc”—While sent to kill Asher, he learns he may be just as expendable as his target.

Frankie “The Greek” Greco—A mobster with a soft heart, he’s a friend of Asher’s imprisoned father and indebted to him; now Asher just might have to call in a few favors.

Major Rex Denver—Framed for working with a terrorist group, the Delta Force commander has gone AWOL and is on the run, but he knows he’s onto a larger plot and that he can count on his squad to have his back and help clear his name.


Pain seared through his left ankle as he put weight on it. He listed to the side, throwing out a hand to wedge it against the rocky wall of the cliff face. As the gritty surface abraded the skinned flesh on the heel of his hand, he sucked in a breath.

Sinking into a crouch, he extended his injured leg in front of him and surveyed the rocky expanse below. Even with two steady legs, hydrated and nourished, this landscape would pose a challenge to navigate. Parched, weakened by hunger and with a bum ankle, he didn’t stand a chance.

He eyed the gray skies, scuffs of cloud rolling across the expanse, promising rain and relief—and more challenges. He dragged his boot over the rocks coated with dirt. Once the rains started, rivulets of water would wash the grit from the stones, joining forces in a muddy stream, making his path to the bottom of the mountain a slippery—and dangerous—proposition.

He’d already witnessed one of his men take a tumble down the side of a mountain. Had Knight survived that fall? If he knew anything about his Delta Force team, he’d lay odds on it. But even if Asher Knight had made it through, the men who had double-crossed them would’ve finished off Knight.

They wouldn’t have left any witnesses.

He took a deep breath and swiped the back of his hand across his mouth. “Did you think it was gonna be easy going AWOL in Afghanistan in the middle of enemy territory, Denver?”