By: Jennifer Michael

“Yes, we’re good. How could we be anything less than good after that?”

She finally looks my way. The shy girl has taken back over her body. “We’ll be okay when we leave this room, though?”

“Yes, Tatum. We’re fine,” I say with a bit of exasperation. “I licked your pussy, and you licked mine. I’d say we’re closer than ever.”

“You taste like apples.”

“Apples?” I laugh.

“Yeah, I don’t know. It’s the closest thing I can compare it to. Sweet and lush.”

I laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, and tears burst from my eyes. “Well, you’ve certainly lost your demure disposition.”

“Sorry. I’m inappropriate. I always have been. I say whatever comes to my mind.”

“Well, Tatum, don’t ever censor yourself for me. I love that refreshing demeanor.”


I’m not a complicated man when it comes to sex. My dick goes in any of three holes in a woman, and I’m happy. Simple enough. Yeah, some sex is better than other sex. No man likes a dead fish beneath him, but even that’s better than nothing. However, I do intend to put my membership to Utopia to good use while I’m in town. What male wouldn’t want to see what this place was all about?

I walk down the hallway that showcases the not-so-private lives of the people occupying each room.

I come across a chick letting six guys all take turns with her. Currently, two men have her in an Eiffel Tower, simultaneously filling her ass and pussy, while another man stands on a chair and forcefully fucks her mouth. The rest yank on their dicks, surrounding the scene. It’s an interesting sight, but that’s way too many cocks for me to have to stare at for long.

I keep walking until I come across a couple. She lies on her stomach with her wrists and ankles bound to the bed, and the man licks her asshole. It seems pretty tame, so I move on. I want to see what else is going down within these rooms.

In the next room, a woman flies solo with a plastic dick coming out of the wall and into her ass while she holds a massager to her pussy. Her sultry, aroused cries penetrate through the glass barrier. I linger longer in front of this room until I notice the attention of the people around me is being drawn a few rooms over from the one I’m at now. My feet move toward where everyone else is flocking.

Immediately, I see why.

Two girls lie on a bed. The tiny one with crazy hair is eating the other girl’s cunt like the best dessert known to man is between her legs. The girl with a mouthful of pussy moves her head frantically, like she’s deathly afraid to miss one drop of her partner’s sweetness. The other girl hands over her pleasure as she cries out, and her body spasms. She’s definitely no dead fish. That’s clear when she thrusts her pussy up into the other girl’s face and boldly fucks her mouth.

All their inhibitions are down, and the sight is completely raw. These girls have captured everyone’s attention, including mine.

They have some conversation while the rainbow-haired girl checks out a bag on the floor. Then, the blonde follows orders like a provocative soldier, coming to stand right in front of me.

My mind goes to all the things I could command her to do. I imagine her bending to my will as I fuck her every way that I please. I will fuck this woman.

Her blonde hair is wild, and I’m sure it was made even more so by her time spent on her back. Thick curls go in every direction.

I’m face-to-face with her, but she can’t see me. Bright hazel eyes stare back at me as her friend pushes her against the barrier between us, and her tits crush against the glass, giving me a show. Every one of her labored breaths and each gasp and moan that leaves her lips funnels through the glass.

My cock riots, begging for her. This woman has awoken something purely primal inside me. I have a basic need to fuck her. A new obsession develops. The type of woman who fucks in this kind of place would let me do anything I wanted to her.

Suddenly, my very simple idea of being sexually satisfied seems a lot more complex. Maybe I’m not as easy to please as I thought. Sex with an ordinary woman will never be the same again, and I haven’t even touched this girl.

I find myself hoping that she is not an actual lesbian. My dick would be heartbroken if she strictly loved pussy. However, I don’t think that’s the case for either of these women. From my point of view, I’d guess they are experimenting. It’s in the way they touch each other that tells me this is a first for both of them. There is an awkward unfamiliarity in the way they engage. It’s only slight, but it’s definitely there, hiding between their intense sexual desires.