By: Jennifer Michael

This so wasn’t a bad idea. Curse my fucking doubts, because, holy shit, this just got a whole lot better.

My eyes roll back into my head as she finds her groove. She sucks hard and then swirls her tongue before licking me with the flat of her tongue. Her mouth and tongue are constantly changing how she plays with my clit as she adds another finger inside me.

She pulls back to watch my face. The evidence of my arousal covers her lips and drips from her chin. She quickly dives back between my legs to continue pleasuring me. My knees begin to shake, and my brain gets more than a little fuzzy while I grab on to Tatum’s head and hold her against me.

I push against her face as my orgasm hits me. “Oh, yes! Fuck, yes!”

I fall over the edge and lose my mind under her tongue. She hums an appreciative approval against my clit, and it vibrates through my whole body. I catch a glimpse of us in the mirrored wall, and I almost can’t believe it’s us. She pushes through my high and continues to lick until well after I’ve come.

“Jesus, that was fucking good. Are you sure this is your first time?”

Tatum quickly jumps off the bed like a woman on a mission and heads toward the bag I brought. I came prepared. My elbows rest on the mattress as I sit up, curious about what she’s up to. Her finger slowly unzips the bag, and she peruses the options I brought for us.

“I’ve definitely never done that before, but I liked it. I like being in charge. I like owning someone else’s pleasure. I think that’s my real fantasy, but I was never comfortable enough to take what I wanted with the men I was with,” she confesses.

“If that’s what happens when you take control, then I’m happy I can be here for your fantasy. Don’t think that my head won’t be between your legs before we leave this room. I want to feel what you felt, especially after I watched you be set free like that. I’m going to lick your pussy till every bit of control you have snaps.”

Tatum blushes as she looks over at me.

“Don’t get shy on me now. I can’t wait to know what you taste like.”


I rise from the bed and move to stand behind her. I trail my fingers down her back, needing to touch her. “That comes later. Don’t lose your footing now. I believe you were about to pick a toy to use next. How do you want me, Tatum? It’s your time.”

She picks a strap-on and holds it up for me to see with a question in her eyes. I shake my head at her—not because I won’t let her fuck me with it, but because she’s already closed back up.

“If you want to fuck me with that, you’re going to have to tell me and not ask me.”

She smirks, and the spark within her returns. “Go stand, facing that wall.” She points and her tone demands that I obey. “Hands up against the glass, legs spread.”

I follow her orders. My breathing fogs the mirror as I think about how exposed I am right now. Is someone just on the other side?

She pushes against the arch of my back, and my body presses against the cold glass, which makes my nipples harden. Tatum tests and teases my entrance, and then her fingers are replaced by the strap-on she’s wearing. She grabs on to my hips and pushes inside me.

She moves, and I moan. She rocks, and I quiver. She thrusts, and I fall apart.

Tatum fucks me from behind. My body presses against that wall until I can’t take any more. She demands pleasure from me as she slaps her hand against my ass, causing my eyes to go wide and my breath to catch. I hadn’t expected that, but I fucking liked it.

We get lost in one another. Lost in the sex, the freedom, and the addiction of this place.

I’ll never be the same again.

I’m not sure how long we’re in there, but frankly, I’m a little surprised no one has come for the room.

Tatum had her way with me for quite some time, and then it was my turn. I licked her pussy, and she screamed just like I promised. I tormented her with a vibrator long enough for her to go mad, denying her the fall until she couldn’t take it anymore.

We fuck like animals until my body is sore, and my brain is mush.

Tatum avoids eye contact with me as she secures her skimpy lingerie back in place.

“Are we okay?” she questions with more than a hint of strain in her voice.