By: Jennifer Michael

Her tongue trails down lower until she’s on her knees before me, looking up. I stand still to see what she’ll do next, watching as her hands trace up my legs. She reaches my panties and slowly pulls them down until they reach my ankles. I step out of them to help in the process. Her eyes take me in while I stand completely bare for her. My nerves kick in a little now that we’re really about to cross a line I’ve never been to before, but the thought of being free overrides my nerves. My arousal hits me hard, and the evidence pools between my legs. Her eyes darken and glaze over with longing. The room fills with tension and the yearning for more—her desire to keep going, her need for me.

“Words, Tatum.” My throat barely chokes out the demand.

“Get on the bed. I want to taste you. I want to know what it’s like.”

I can’t resist the natural urge to tease. So, I swipe my finger through my folds and then graze her lips to give her a small appetizer of what’s to come. I throw her a taunting grin over my shoulder as I lie down on the bed, as she wished.

She’s still licking her lips as I settle on top of the bed. The sight causes a mild bit of apprehension to settle in my stomach.

I’m really about to do this. Fuck. I try to push the doubt from my mind and focus but the questions in my mind take over as Tatum keeps an eye on me from across the room. Are people watching? Will I like this? I do so far. In fact, everything up until this has been an extreme turn-on. Will I be able to please her? The thoughts race through my head until Tatum takes her first step closer.

She saunters with grace toward the bed, and all I can think about is her touching me. When she is just a step away, she looks over her shoulder at the glass wall for a brief pause.

“It’s just me and you, Tatum. See us when you look at that mirror—our bodies wrapped around one another and the pleasure between us. Anyone on the other side of that wall won’t be able to look away when they see us completely surrender to each other. Trust me.” My heart races, and my palms begin to sweat as I think about the people who will see us.

She removes her lingerie, dropping it to a pile on the floor, and I forget to breathe. She’s absolutely fucking stunning naked. She crawls on top of the bed and brings her lips back to mine, and all her soft curves press against my own. Her puckered nipples scrape against my skin, and her weight on top of me is foreign but not unwelcome. Her mouth goes to my neck, and she nibbles against my skin as her hips settle between my legs, making me focus solely on her instead of marking all the differences between a woman and a man.

“We’re really doing this,” she whispers with her lips still pressed on my throat and her hand twisted in the back of my hair.

“We’re doing this.” I almost don’t recognize my own voice. It’s too breathy, too out of control to really be mine.

Tatum nips the skin right under my ear before slowly tracking down my body. She sits on her knees between my legs and spreads my thighs as far and as wide as possible. I’m completely exposed as she runs her finger across my pussy. She repeats the motion back and forth before she enters, her finger pushing slowly inside me. Her hands fumble for an uncomfortable minute as she pokes and prods me with unpracticed moves. It doesn’t take her long to get down a fluid motion though when she brings her thumb to rotate on my clit while pumping her finger inside me. I roll my hips with the rhythm she sets, and my body arches off the bed.

“Does this feel good? Am I making you feel good, Rylan?” she asks.

“God, yes. So fucking good.”

“I think it’s about to get better. For both of us.”

She blows against me before taking my clit into her mouth. She starts out slow, licking me gently, like she’s testing the waters and exploring the new experience. Her touches are too light, and she isn’t hitting the right spots exactly. I start to wonder if this was a good idea.

Her fingers open me up to her, and she explores with her tongue. She licks inside me and through my lips. She tests out what makes me moan, and I make sure to give her lots of verbal cues to hint when she’s found something I like. The pressure of her tongue against me begins to strengthen, and when she hits my clit, a hum of pleasure crosses my lips. Rocking her fingers back inside me, she works them in tandem, driving me a bit higher.