Dedication of a Lifetime(6)

By: Tamsen Parker

“You first, I want to feel you first,” Sean panted. Isaiah could do that.

He let go of the orgasm he’d been holding back and let his climax spurt into his husband, so much pouring into his husband. Not just the slick fluid, but feelings he couldn’t name and tension he couldn’t explain, it all spilled into Sean, and Sean took it all, just as he always did. It all left Isaiah with a force that made him collapse, his chest hitting Sean’s back.

But he held himself up with one arm and jacked Sean’s cock until he felt the satisfying pulse of muscles milking his own buried-deep dick and the throb of Sean’s cock in his hand as Sean gave in, his release leaving in thick strands that Isaiah pictured as he gave a few last hard pulls, just the way Sean liked it, the last couple eased by the come that had leaked into his fist as Sean lost it.

Both sated, they rolled to their sides to avoid the mess on the bed, and Isaiah reached for a towel to tidy himself after pulling out, and clean up Sean as best he could while Sean lay there, his chest heaving. Yes, Isaiah could fuck up pretty good and he’d do it again. And again. And yet again. Because for all the shit that his brain was pretty good with—formulas and memorizing tables and anticipating outcomes—it was less than fabulous at feelings, emotions, relationships and frequently failed to anticipate how Sean’s own brain chemistry might interact with his own. But this…this was the least he could do for the love of his life.

It had been a long day already. Kids coming into his office with the usual smattering of problems—grades, parents who either paid too much attention or not enough, boyfriends/girlfriends, no boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. They were important problems, and he tried to be empathetic and listen in a constructive way. There was an art to asking questions to help kids solve problems by themselves without making them feel like they were on their own. But it was something Sean was good at. Prided himself on being good at, actually, and one of the reasons they’d asked him to take over this position even though he didn’t have a degree for it.

It was the same as it ever was, but Sean had found himself biting his tongue more than once because even though the problems were the same, the context wasn’t. Teenage angst felt overblown when there were actual problems in the world. Already marginalized people losing rights, people who had no right being in government being in charge. And how had they gotten there? Because selfish, bigoted people had voted them in. Now words that had been silenced or at least forced into whispers through years of hard work were being shouted from rooftops. Actual fucking Nazis marching around and people saying that “both sides had a point.”

What the fuck?

Sean took a vicious bite of his sandwich and tried not to choke on the prosciutto or mozzarella or arugula or figs. He hoped Isaiah was enjoying his at least, even though he couldn’t. Even if it was that distracted kind of enjoyment of having sustenance while his brain was occupied. Of being nurtured and provided for even when Sean couldn’t be with him. To have the sense that Sean had put not only various foodstuffs together but had done it because he loved Isaiah.

As Sean was about to take another bite of his sandwich, a kid he didn’t see much of was hovering in his doorway. Normally if he was in the middle of lunch, he’d ask if a student could come back, but he never did that when a kid was as close to tears as this one was. He had to search his mind for the boy’s name because he’d seen him around but he was by no means a frequent flyer in Sean’s office.

“Sorry, Mr. Maguire. I—”

Sean shoved his sandwich aside, hoping that Isaiah was managing to eat its twin and not forgetting to like he sometimes did. “No, no. Don’t worry about it. Come on in, Miguel.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to—”

“Dude, I haven’t seen you in my office all year. You’ve got some chips to cash in. Come, take a seat.”

Sean wiped his hands on his pants and took a drag from his coffee. He’d started a campaign a year ago to cut down on caffeine, but after the election, he’d said fuck it because he needed some goddamn pleasure in his life and coffee was a harmless vice as things went.