Death by Proposal

By: Jaden Skye



Standing atop the jagged cliff, Clay watched the setting sun throw a flaming blanket of color over the ocean below. It was hard to believe that this moment had actually come. Slowly, he turned to Kate as the breeze rippled across her beautiful face. They were here, together, at last. He stood without moving, taking it all in. Dreams did come true. He’d always believed it, but it had never happened for him until now.

As the breezes blew, Kate raised her hands, pushing her ash blonde hair off her face. Her eyes shone as they looked into his.

“We’re better together than I ever imagined,” Clay murmured.

Kate smiled back.

Dressed in a light blue, filmy dress, slender and sensuous, Kate was more wondrous than Clay had ever dreamt. He gazed at her now, entranced. This was the moment he’d always been waiting for. He couldn’t let it pass.

Kate’s mouth opened slightly, as if about to respond, when suddenly, he fell to his knees and took out the small box he had in his jacket pocket.

Kate looked stunned.

“Kate, Kate,” he said, “this is forever. I knew it the first time we connected. I knew it right away.”

A look of puzzlement flitted across her perfectly sculpted face. Each moment with her was different, her moods flowed into one another like the clouds drifting above. She could be elegant, nurturing, mischievous, inviting.

Clay’s mind was spinning as he looked straight at her. He opened the small box in his hand and stretched it towards her. In it was an incredible three carat diamond engagement ring.

“Kate, when I came down here I wasn’t sure, but now I am positive. You are the woman I’ve been waiting for, searching for, praying for. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I do know that I want us to be together forever.”

Her face seemed to turn ashen as he spoke. She was shocked, of course. He was as well. She hadn’t expected it. Neither had he.

“Marry me, Kate! Marry me!. I am only half a person without you. Whatever I did, wherever I went, I always felt something missing. Now I know, it was you. As soon as we touched, I became whole.”

The sun glistened more intensely off the water, reflecting its hues back upon them. Clay wasn’t sure why Kate was silent; but he knew she felt the way he did. Why waste another moment waiting when the life they would have together as man and wife stretched out before them?

“Marry me, Kate!” his voice grew louder, over the sound of the surf hitting the rocks.

Kate lifted her hands lifted swiftly, like little birds, covering her face. It was an odd reaction, but she was unusual. That was exactly what he loved about her, he never knew what to expect.

“Promise me, Kate that we’ll be together forever.”

Was she crying from the sudden emotion? Was she afraid to face the raw love in his eyes?

“Kate, Kate, answer me!” his voice called out by itself.

Suddenly she took her hands off her face, her eyes were shining.

“Clay, Clay,” she could barely breathe.

Clay smiled. He could see the love in her eyes. The hope. The expectation. He could see that she was about to say yes.


The New Beaupres Hotel in Aruba was a perfect choice. Located a few steps from the ocean, on the white sandy shores, surrounded by palm trees, exquisitely designed to blend into the Islands topography, it was every honeymooner’s dream. Cindy and Mattheus walked into the glittering dining room that was filled with people dressed in full evening array. Everyone was happily seated at tables, chatting, laughing or dancing on the dance floor in the center of the room. Of course Cindy and Mattheus weren’t on their honeymoon, but it almost felt as if they were.

Cindy tossed her long hair back over her shoulders and looked up at Mattheus with the excitement she’d felt when they’d first met. He looked particularly handsome tonight, in his dark suit and blue silk shirt. With his arm around her waist, he guided her gently to their table. They’d planned this vacation for several weeks and it was hard to believe that the time had come. This was finally their time alone together, a time to unwind, bond, make new choices. No interruptions allowed. Cindy smiled realizing that Mattheus’s promise had become a reality. Clearly, this was as important to him as it was to her. He had taken charge of all the arrangements, wanting to surprise and please Cindy in every way. It had been lovely letting him take over, feeling his strength and commitment, waiting to see what was coming next.