By: Madison Stevens

It’d been a long day, and she deserved a treat, a treat like eating at Sposami. Just thinking about eating at the restaurant made her mouth water.

With new resolve, Morgan made her way down the road. The best thing about the place was how close it was to her little shop.

When she’d first started working at the book store, Mama Ricci used to insist Morgan stop by after school to eat. She’d discovered her love for Italian food and the wonderful couple that ran the restaurant.

In a way, they were the parents she’d always wanted.

As Morgan opened the doors, she instantly felt at home. The scent of garlic and butter filled the air in a scandalous sort of way.

An unfamiliar face greeted her, but she smiled brightly at the new server.

“Good evening,” he said politely. “Have you dined with us before?”

“Morgan,” Mama Ricci said, her head just peeking out from behind the kitchen doors. “You seat her in the good spot and treat her good.”

Morgan had to bite her lip as the small woman with soft brown curls waved a ladle at the poor server.

“Yes, ma’am.” He jumped into action and scurried over to the booth in the back.

Morgan sat down. “Don’t worry.” She winked. “She’s all bark, no bite.”

The younger man pulled out a pad of paper. “I’m not so sure of that,” he mumbled.

Morgan snorted. Maybe he was more right in this situation.

Mama Ricci was a wonderful woman, but she didn’t put up with much shit from anyone. It was part of the reason Morgan loved her. There was a piece of Morgan that wanted to be that way as well.

“I’ll take a house red and the usual,” she said quietly. “She’ll know what I mean.”

The young man gave a quick nod and made his way over to the counter.

Morgan looked around the place. She always loved sitting in the back. It was where they kept the best pictures. Mostly of a much younger Mr. and Mrs. Ricci.

They beamed happily in the photos, gazing into one another’s eyes as if there were no one else in the world.

Her heart always twisted a little as she looked at them. That was what she wanted.

Morgan looked away from the photos as the waiter set the wine on the table. She smiled at him before taking a drink.

A loud rumble filled the road and then cut off as a beautiful classic black car pulled out front. The prominent Mustang hood ornaments on the front caught her eye.

She marveled at the vehicle from where she sat. Someone had lovingly polished the black until it shined.

The driver-side door opened, and she nearly choked on her wine. No. It couldn’t be. Not here.

Davin stepped out onto the street. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, looking just as amazing as she always remembered.

No. Even better than she remembered.

“Don’t let him see me,” she whispered. “Oh God, don’t let him see me.”

She’d spent so much time convincing herself that he wouldn’t come to see her that it never really occurred to her that she might run into him by accident.

Morgan looked around for a way out, but her chance at freedom eluded her. If she ran out the back door, it would only make Mama Ricci worry. Plus there was no way she was fast enough to escape without Davin spotting her.

She watched in horror as he turned around and pinned her with his bright green eyes. The corner of his mouth turned up in the sultry half smile that always seemed to make her lower half quiver a little.

It’d been years since she had last seen him, but the feelings she’d tried to suppress burned as hotly as ever.

Morgan ducked back behind the booth wall. “Fuck.”

The waiter set down the garlic bread and frowned. “Something wrong?”

Morgan snapped her gaze over to him, not really sure what to say. There was no way to ask him to hide her without sounding like some sort of crazy woman.

She shook her head. “Sorry, just thinking out loud.”

He shrugged and stepped away as the door chimed open.

“Good evening, sir,” the waiter said to someone she assumed was Davin.

Morgan stole a glance around the booth wall to watch. Maybe he hadn’t noticed her at all, and it was just coincidence he was there and looked her way. The younger waiter stood a little taller, trying to match himself to the height and build of Davin.