Darkness Clashes:Book 4 (Sensor Series)(7)

By: Susan Illene

Chairs knocked over and the whole place roared into action as men converged on him from every direction. Their eyes blazed with fury and they bared their teeth to let out inhuman growls. At least they didn’t try to change into wolves—not that they had the five to ten minutes it would take to shift.

I couldn’t let Lucas take all the heat even though he could have handled it. I reached for my gun only to realize it wasn’t there. The trip had come up at the last minute and I hadn’t had time to make arrangements to transport it. I reached down to the purse strapped across my chest and pulled out a fixed-blade knife instead. It would have to do.

Grabbing the nearest guy to me, I spun him around. He threw out a wild punch, but I ducked and rose back up to stab him in the gut. He bowed over. Quickly pulling it back out, I aimed for his neck next. He deflected the blade and shoved me hard enough to send me flying. With arms swinging I landed on top of a table and slid across it, falling to the floor. The air whooshed out of my lungs as my back hit with bone-jarring force.

Damn, I’d forgotten how strong werewolves could be.

Kerbasi was still sitting at his table a few feet away. He gave me a dispassionate look. “Is that the best you can do? Is your lover going to have to do all the work?”

I tossed my high heels at him and grabbed a chair. “You’re always looking for a fight. Why not now?”

He snorted. “Because that would be useful to you.”

The werewolf came lurching toward me and I swung the chair at him. He arched back, but not far enough. One of the wooden legs skimmed across his forehead and left a deep gash. Blood welled up and started running down to his eyes.

While he rubbed at the wound, I made a desperate search for my knife. It had fallen from my grip when I’d become intimate friends with the table. I found it a few feet away and snatched it up. The werewolf snarled at me as I leapt to my bare feet. He threw out a badly-aimed punch and I leaned to the left, going underneath his reach to plunge the blade into his heart. His face froze with a look of shock and horror.

I pulled the knife back out and watched him crumble to the floor. If I’d left it in for more than a few minutes he probably would have died, but I wasn’t going to kill him for being overprotective of his territory. Plus, I needed the weapon to stab more of his buddies.

Lucas had pushed the fight to the middle of the room with moves so fast they were nothing more than a blur, but he couldn’t keep the battle fully contained. Even as bodies and furniture flew in a tsunami of motion, a couple of guys worked their way past his line of defense.

I crouched low when the first one made it through. As soon as he got close enough, I swept my leg out and knocked his feet out from underneath him. He fell with a loud thump. The next guy came at me from the side. I pivoted on my feet and shoved my blade into his chest. It missed his heart by an inch, puncturing a lung instead. The guy gasped for breath and took a step back.

I ignored the flash of fear in his eyes and grabbed his head, twisting it with a snap. He fell limply to the floor with the blade still in him. There was no time to play nice and give him a fighting chance. If he’d wanted that he should have tried a one-on-one approach.

The other attacker rose up to take his place. I ducked his first punch, but didn’t see the second until too late. His fist slammed into my face with enough force to knock me off my feet. I fell to the floor and banged my head into a chair. Through the stars clouding my vision, I saw the werewolf hovering over me. He had his hand held out.

“Take it,” he said. “I ain’t gonna hit ya again while you’re down.”

He spoke the truth. At least someone around here had some standards.

I stared at his hand for a moment and waited for my vision to clear before taking it. He lifted me up and had me on my feet in one hard pull. I took a deep breath and raised my fists.

“Ready?” he asked.

I nodded. It was really too bad we had to fight. He might have been likable under different circumstances—but not today.

He threw out the first punch. I ducked as it went by and leaned farther back, guessing the second one would be coming up quick. It did and missed me by a full inch. He swung a leg out at me next. I dodged it and dove for the knife still in his buddy’s chest. Pulling it out fast, I spun around just as he came up from behind and plunged it into his kidney. He let out a grunt.