Daniel and the Angel

By: Jill Barnett



The shimmering sky above Heaven was as gold as Gabriel's trumpet, and the distant sound of canticles filled the celestial air. Clouds, puffy and white as spring goosedown, created the holiest of firmaments —a place where no angel feared to tread.

Standing just outside the Pearly Gates was a novice angel named Lillian. She glanced left, then right, and, just for good measure, she cast a quick peek above her.

The coast was clear.

With a look of pure determination, she shoved up the sleeves on her flowing white robe, flexed her fingers, and did exactly what she had been forbidden to do: She tried to create a miracle.

The blast was loud enough to crack Heaven.

A backdraft of near hurricane force sent clouds skittering and bumping every which way. Lilli landed flat on her back. For a stunned moment, she lay atop a bouncing cloud with her arms and legs out like a snow angel.

Slowly the dark smoke from the blast settled around her. She blew a hank of silver-blond hair out of her face and blinked a few times, then found herself staring up into the Heavenly sky. She wiggled her toes first, then moved her arms and legs.

No ... Nothing broken.

She sat up quickly. Her halo slipped down over her eyes. She shoved it back into place, then quickly tugged down her robe so her bare legs were again covered.

Like falling snowflakes, three pearlescent wing feathers floated in front of her. She looked over her shoulder and frowned down at her crumpled wings. She rolled her shoulders, shimmied slightly, then fluttered her wings to get the kinks out of her feathers.

She heard a muffled squeal and whipped around. "Florida? Is that you?"

There was another muffled grunt.

"Where are you?"

Nearby, two bare feet suddenly popped out from within a dark cloud.

"Oh. There you are."

The feet kicked in the air a few times, then disappeared in the motion of a somersault. Florie's dark head popped into view, and with Lilli's help she crawled out of the dark cloud, kneeling there for a second, her wings tilted downward while she coughed.

Lilli patted Florie's back gently until she stopped coughing and flung her head up. She stared at Lilli from dazed eyes. "What happened?"


Florida turned back around and froze, staring horrified toward the west. "Oh, no! Something did happen." She pointed. "Look what you've done now!"

Lilli turned around and almost died—again.

"You've broken the Pearly Gates!"

Lilli covered her eyes with both hands and groaned, then slowly opened her fingers and peered through.

Her stomach dropped. To somewhere near her bare toes. Slowly she stood and walked toward her latest disaster, with Florie "tching" and trailing right behind her. She stopped, unable to think, to speak. She could only stare.

The entrance to the most hallowed place in the universe was in complete shambles. The gates hung at cockeyed angles from their twenty-four-karat gold hinges, which had been shattered in half, their golden pins bent like boomerangs.

The gates, which were originally in the shape of an angel's wings, were meant to meet in the center, where a diamond-encrusted lock held them in perfect symmetry.

"Where's the lock?" Florie whispered.

Lilli stared down at her feet, where diamond dust winked like bits of sand amid cracked pieces of precious pearl. Chewing on her lower lip, she pointed. "I think it's there." She had a sick feeling. "Somewhere."

Florie bent down and scraped together the dust.

"That's all that's left?" Lilli gave the small pillar of white dust an uneasy glance.

Florie nodded.

"It looks like Lot's wife."

"Saint Peter's going to be mad enough to spit lightning. And can you imagine"—she leaned closer and whispered—"His reaction? You'll get the worst punishment yet. It might even be worse than the time Saint Peter made you polish all those silver linings."

"Well," Lilli said in a rush, "He can't punish me if He doesn't know who did it." She spun around, gripping her long gown in her fists. "Come on! Follow me!" And she took off at a full run.


"Hurry, Florie!" Lilli called out over her shoulder. "Or He'll think you did it!"

All the color drained from Florida's face. Quick as a wink, she fluttered after Lilli.

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