Damaged Goods(177)

By: Cynthia Dane

“I like the way you think.” Joseph slowly carried her into the front yard. “Besides, my stepmother did accost me for not giving her grandchildren yet. I’m next on her hit list.”

“Hey, now, I kinda like being on birth control, thanks. These things come in a certain order, you know. Besides, I ain’t even twenty-five yet! Let me get over the hill first!”

“A certain order? Dare I ask?”

“First we move in together, then we get engaged, then we get married, then I bake you some babies up in here.”

“That is such a poetic way to put it.”

“Hey, you’ve got yourself a high-class dame here, copper.”

Joseph looked both ways before full-on trespassing onto property he was soon to own. “Dame? Copper? What’s happening to you?”

Funny, wasn’t it? The happier and more secure she was with Joseph, the more like her old self she became. Not the old self that was naïve and, quite frankly, an embarrassment, but the old self that had certain dreams and aspirations. A cute house, a swell guy, millions of bucks and some babies to spoil silly. Like she said, though: one thing at a time!

“I’m falling even more in love with you, baby.”

They didn’t make it to breaking and entering. They settled for the back porch, which was shielded from any nosy neighbors with a grove of surrounding evergreen trees.

A perfect way to start a happy, no-fuss life together.