Cruise:The Moonshine Task Force Series #6

By: Laramie Briscoe



To women like my friend, Keyla who love the men that keep the streets safe. Who stay at home at night with their children while their loved ones take care of everyone else. To the spouses and significant other’s whose hearts skip a beat as they wait to hear them come home at the end of every shift.

To men like her husband, KC who risk their lives every day they go to work. Many times they aren’t sure if they’ll make it home, but they are the first people we call when we need help. They selflessly give every piece of themselves, even when others may not appreciate it. Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice.

To everyone who loved the series enough to read it through the end. Thank you for loving these characters, for embracing them, and letting me show another side to what everyone assumes they know. Thank you for letting me show these men as friends, husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers.

What started as a little pew pew turned into a life-changing experience for me. The town of Laurel Springs will always have a special place in my heart!

Thank you for loving the MTF and thank you for reading!

The kid is now a man, and he’s got something to prove…..


Caleb “Cruise” Harrison

“A dad is a son’s first hero…”

All my life I’ve looked up to my dad, there’s nothing I ever wanted to do more than be a member of the Moonshine Task Force right next to him. I said no to playing football professionally to stay in Laurel Springs and fulfill my dream.

I’m biding my time, paying my dues, and learning from the elder MTF members. To most of them I’m the kid they watched grow up, and while they’re proud of me, they don’t take me seriously.

Life is status quo until the morning all hell breaks loose in our small town threatening everyone I know and love – including the one woman I can’t get out of my head.

Ruby Carson

“My favorite place? In his arms…”

Caleb saved me from the worst date of my life, swooping in like the fixer he is. Smiling his panty-melting grin, he grabbed my hand and extricated me from the longest ninety minutes known in the history of the world. After saving me, he took me on the best date I’ve ever had. We’ve been inseparable since that crazy night.

It hasn’t been picture-perfect. His job is dangerous; it worries me, even when he tells me not to. One gorgeous summer day, it all comes crashing down on us.

The man who has my heart is in the middle of a FUBAR situation that has no good ending. My hope is when the smoke clears Caleb will be walking toward me, arms outstretched, with that grin on his face, before he envelopes my body into the hug only he can give.

That’s what would happen in a perfect world – but I’ve never known a perfect world – not even with Caleb…


While the series is called The Moonshine Task Force Series, please be aware the task force is what bought most of these men together. It’s the catalyst (if you will) that has made the friendship of the five men you’ll meet in the series.

Like most of my recent books, these are character-driven. The action, as it is, advances the storyline or sets up the storyline for subsequent books. There won’t be manufactured drama or manufactured storyline. These are very much what you see, is what you get. Each book follows one member, and you’ll get to see how they change and grow through-out the course of the series.

I hope you’ll love the final story featuring Ruby and Caleb!






“Dispatch, be advised I’m stuck on the railroad tracks.” I bang my head against the steering wheel as I hear the snickering answering my admission.

I can literally hear every single one of the MTF members laughing – my damn dad being the loudest. His loud chuckle could be heard in a group of hyenas.

Dispatch manages to hold it together, as she speaks to me. “Do you need a wrecker…” She trails off, and then I hear it. “Newbie?”

Pushing my fingers through my hair, I lean against the hand holding the radio. I groan before I press the button. “Yes, I’d rather not get my squad car crushed by a train.”

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