Cowboy Bred, Cowboy Born(9)

By: D Ann Lindun

Before she could reply, he rose and claimed her lips with his own. He nibbled on her bottom lip with little nips that had her trembling. She circled his neck with her arms to draw him closer. It didn’t take much encouragement until he ravaged her mouth with his tongue.

Her back pressed into the concrete wall of the pool, her thighs against the steps. She wiggled to the edge of the stairs, Gentry’s hips between her legs. His erection molded along her stomach.

Freeing her mouth, she said, “This isn’t very comfortable.”

He drew back. “I can fix that.”

He stood, pulled her to her feet and led her to the small rock cabana near the edge of the lawn. Inside, he laid her on the bench seat, stretching out on top of her. With both hands, he cupped her face and captured her lips with his own.

This time he didn’t nibble or nip but instead dove into her mouth with his tongue. He tasted like honey, powdered sugar and hot desire. Her yearning rose as quickly as a hot wind.

Lifting himself off her, he tasted her jaw, neck and chest. Her breasts ached for his attention. He did not disappoint, latching onto a nipple with his mouth, scraping his teeth across it.

“Gentry.” She wrapped her fingers in his short hair and held him close as he teased and tormented.

After he lifted his head, he continued to lift and shape her breasts with one hand. The other one slid between them, toward her bellybutton. He lingered there, circling the jewel with his forefinger.

Alannah smothered a giggle. “That tickles.”

He chuckled, too. “Are you ticklish everywhere?”

Without waiting for an answer, he slipped his work-roughened fingers past her bellybutton, over her ribs. Again, she giggled and flinched away.

“You are ticklish,” he said gruffly.

“I am.” She smothered her laughter against his chest. His curly dark hair against her nose made her giggle more.

He inched lower toward her hip. “What about here?”

She sobered. “Not so much.”

His fingers tiptoed toward the vee between her legs. “There?”

“No.” Her voice was strangled.

“Good.” He angled his hand over her mound. “It would be a shame if I couldn’t touch you here.”

“Uh-huh,” she managed.

A finger slid inside her. “How’s that?”

“Good,” she managed to gasp.

“Not ticklish?” He wiggled it a little.

“No,” she gasped, lifting her hips. Her fists curled around the cushion on the bench as he added another finger. With his thumb, he circled her clit until she bucked against his hand. All thoughts of laughter fled as desperate need took control of her body.

Before could she could peak and crash over the edge, he withdrew his hand. “I want to be inside you when you come.”

A shudder of disappointment ripped through her. She needed him inside her now, or she might lose her mind. She reached for his cock with both hands, stroking until he grew impossibly hard.

Taking the initiative again, she guided him to her pussy. Expecting him to enter her, she moaned in disappointment when he held back.

“What’s wrong?”

“I need a condom,” he muttered. “And there’s none out here.”

“Crud.” She bit her bottom lip as disappointment flooded her.

He pushed off her. “I’ll go get one.”


With a light kiss, he rose and wrapped a towel around his waist. “Don’t go anywhere.”

After he left, she caught her breath. What was she doing? She’d never slept with a man she barely knew. There was something special about this man, something that set him apart. It would be hard to forget him when she left.

And she would leave.

Nothing could make her stay, not even the sexiest cowboy she’d ever met.

Before her thoughts drifted any further, Gentry returned carrying a box of neon condoms. “Got ’em.”

She laughed. “A whole box?”

“Didn’t want to parade across the yard with my pecker on display more than once.” He opened the box and removed one of the condoms. When he moved to unwrap it, she held out her hand.

“Let me.”

With a sexy smile, he handed it to her. “Please.”

She motioned him forward. “Come here.”

He dropped the towel and stepped in front of her. With quick efficiency, she rolled the electric-blue condom over his cock. Even covered in neon rubber, he was something. Gently, she squeezed his balls. His sharp intake of air let her know he liked it.

Her body dampened, wept.

She reached for his wrist and pulled him over her. Her nipples, stiff and aching, rubbed against the coarse hair on his chest. His thighs nestled between hers, and the head of his penis pressed against her.