Cowboy Bred, Cowboy Born(8)

By: D Ann Lindun

Lupita had left a plate of sopapillas in the oven, the heat low. Honey and powdered sugar waited on the counter. Gentry placed one of the desserts on a plate for each of them and handed one to her.


She nodded. “Yes, please.”

After liberally coating a piece of the fried bread, she tasted it. And sighed in appreciation as the sweetness spread over her tongue. “I’ve just died and gone to heaven.”

Gentry chuckled. “It’s pretty good.”

“Bread is pretty good. These are spectacular.” She licked her fingers.

A small sound slid from Gentry’s throat, and Alannah looked up from her sticky fingers. The undisguised hunger in his eyes had nothing to do with the treat. Her stomach dipped toward her red boots.

She peered at him through her long strand of hair and licked her lips. “Gentry—”

“We should turn in. Five comes early,” he said, abruptly covering the remaining sopapillas and placing them inside the gleaming stainless steel refrigerator.

Turn in? Before nine? “I’m not tired.”

“You will be tomorrow morning,” he said. “There’s a TV in the living room and a selection of books in the den. Help yourself to any of them.” He placed the powdered sugar and honey in the cupboard. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do a little paperwork before I turn in.”

“You said something about a pool,” she said. “May I use it?”

“I’ll show you the way.” He walked out of the kitchen, through a laundry room, onto a back patio where a small yard and glimmering aqua pool sat encased by a rock wall. A waterfall splashed down the wall in one corner, creating the illusion of a natural spring.

As she grew closer, Alannah also spotted a hot tub attached to the pool. She couldn’t wait to get in and soak away the long, sweltering day. “Awesome.”

Gentry pointed to a door. “That leads to the bedrooms. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Impulsively, she spoke. “You won’t join me for a little while? It’s not that late.”

He considered her for a moment. She thought he’d refuse, but he nodded. “All right.”

“I’ll get my suit.” Excitement flooded her at his ascent. She wanted to know this man. A plan began to form in her mind.

“I’ll meet you here in fifteen minutes. I need to make a phone call.” Gentry went back through the kitchen door, and Alannah headed for the other door he’d indicated.


Alannah slipped into a pastel two-piece and grabbed a towel from the bathroom before hurrying back outside. Gentry hadn’t appeared yet, and a tinge of disappointment nibbled her.

She dove into the aqua water, sighing in delight at the perfect temperature. She swam slow strokes from one end of the pool to the other. On her third pass, she stopped and stood to look around.

Gentry sat on the steps observing her. The skin of his neck and hands were darker than the rest of his swarthy skin. Her lips curved up. Farmer’s tan.

“Come in,” she invited.

“I’d rather watch.”

With a teasing smile, she reached behind her neck and slowly untied her bikini top. With a quick flip of her wrist, she sent the scrap of material zinging to the side of the deck, where it landed with a plop. Bravely, she let her arms hang by her sides. With a cool stare, she allowed him to look his fill. She had never been so bold before, but wanting this man turned her into a seductress.

He dove in and, with a few quick strokes, joined her. He bobbed to the surface directly in front of her. “Don’t stop now.”

Keeping her gaze locked on his, she slid her thumbs under the skimpy strings holding her bottoms on and pulled them over her hips, legs and feet. With her toe, she lifted them to her hand. Tossing the bottoms to the side where her top rested, she grinned. “Your turn.”

Eyes darkening, Gentry reached for the tie on his swim trunks. Alannah put her hands over his. “Let me.”

With a hooded look, he lifted his hands and let them float on top of the water. Still holding his gaze, she untied his trunks and slid them over his slim hips and long legs. He stepped out of them, and they floated away. It became impossible to ignore his cock standing proudly erect between them.

Alannah licked her lips, then flipped onto her side to swim away, her heart pounding a wild staccato. She was in over her head here. This had been a bad idea. She wasn’t wild. In fact, she normally kept her heart closely guarded. Before she could escape, she was grabbed by the ankle and reeled in like a trout. When her body bumped into his, he scooped her up and carried her to the steps.

He sat her on the middle stair, kneeling on the next one down, his hands on her thighs. His gaze rested on her diamond bellybutton stud before dropping to take in her wax job. She’d left only a narrow strip of pale blonde curls between her thighs. “Nice.”