Cowboy Bred, Cowboy Born(7)

By: D Ann Lindun

He’d half expected her to be a vegetarian.

What other surprises did she have up her sleeve? It would be interesting to find out if there was more to her than the airhead he’d first thought her to be.


Why was he already thinking of breaking his plan of letting her take a few pictures and sending her on down the road?

Not a good idea to think with your dick. A surefire way to find not only that body part in a heap of trouble, but the rest of you, too.

Chapter Three

“I’m stuffed.” Finally, Alannah pushed her plate away. She had eaten more than she normally did in three meals. She’d been too hungry before to pay attention to the museum-quality table and chairs. Now, she looked around at the heavy furniture, admiring the detail that had gone into making the dining set.

Gentry laughed. “Lupita is a damn good cook.”

“Yes, she is. I’d be fat in a month if I spent much time here.”

“Doubtful.” He eyed her small frame with skepticism.

“You’re too kind.” Her stomach tightened. She chalked it off as a reaction to too much food, not the heat in the man’s eyes

He chuckled. “I do my best.”

“I need to get up, or I’m going to fall asleep right here.” Alannah pushed away from the table.

“Lupita will be disappointed if you don’t taste her sopapillas. They’re the best around.”

Alannah groaned. “I’d love one, but I didn’t save any room.”

“How about a short stroll to work off some of that food?”


He stood, pulled her chair out and glanced at her shoes. “You plan to wear those fancy sandals in the sand?”

“I’ll change.” She flew to her room and kicked off the shoes, pulling on her red boots. For a second, she considered changing out of the pink dress but decided to keep it on. She’d seen the interest in Gentry’s eyes when he’d first seen it. Although she had no intention of letting him anywhere near her heart, flirting a little was harmless fun. She grabbed her camera and hurried out to meet Gentry.

When he spotted her footwear choice, he grinned. “Looks good.”

“Show me around, cowboy.”

“Bet you’ve used that line a few times,” he muttered.

She laughed and tossed her head. “I’ll never tell.”

“You don’t kiss and tell?” he parroted her earlier comment.

Two could play that game. “Nope.”

He grabbed his Stetson, placed it on his head and led her outside toward the meandering river. The temperature had cooled considerably but still held in the high nineties. The sun lingered over the rolling hills in the distance.

“It’s beautiful here.” Alannah paused to take several shots. The shifting colors had already changed the view from the time she’d arrived. If she were a landscape photographer, she could easily find a hundred years’ worth of subject matter. A glance out of the corner of her eye at the sexy cowboy reminded her she could find plenty of material to photograph in him.

They strolled alongside the creek where a bullfrog croaked. A light breeze stirred the cottonwood leaves.

“I imagine you’ve seen a lot of interesting places.” Gentry stopped to wait while she took more pictures.

She aimed the Canon at him. “A few.”

“Anywhere that sticks out?”

“Denver. Cheyenne. Butte. I like western cities.” She snapped several shots of his angular face. Nice!

“Ever been to Austin?”

“Sure. Several times.” She had a hard time concentrating on his words because his face was so intriguing. The rest of him wasn’t too bad, either. Would he let her shoot him nude? Probably not the best question to lead with but maybe eventually. The thought made her panties dampen.

What was it with this guy making her so irrational? She rarely had relationships because she had no intention of settling down, and hookups left her cold.

“I went to school there,” Gentry said. “Along with my buddy Aron McCoy.”

“Ah, UT?” Alannah said. “Good school. What program?”

“Ag business. I couldn’t wait to get through it and come back here to the ranch.”

Alarms rang in Alannah’s head. This guy was worse than her parents about land ownership. Tied, make that hogtied, to property. Something she would never be—hobbled to a place.

Gentry pulled her away from her moody thoughts. “You ready for some of Lupita’s sopapillas now?”

“Sure.” She was still full, but she wanted to spend a little more time with this man. He intrigued her more than she wanted to admit.

They walked back toward the house in a comfortable silence.