Cowboy Bred, Cowboy Born(10)

By: D Ann Lindun

With one fast shove, he filled her pussy.

She gasped at the intrusion.

With a fluid motion, he withdrew. Pushed in again.

Her nails dug into his back. Her knees tightened around his slim hips.

They caught a rhythm and held it, almost as if they’d been lovers for years, not minutes. An involuntary moan came from Alannah’s throat as the tempo increased. Tremors low in her stomach began to ebb and flow, each thrust taking her a little higher. The intensity increased and peaked. Exploded.

A cry ripped from Alannah as she raked her nails across Gentry’s muscled back.

He too grew close to his limit and thrust into her with extra force until she was nearly lifted off the bench. She wrapped her fingers around his biceps and held on as he rocked her.

Gentry grunted and, with final effort, came with a shudder that shook his entire body. His head dropped, his breathing harsh. “Damn.”

Laughter gurgled out of Alannah. “Yeah.”

Chapter Four

What the hell had he done?

He knew better.

Gentry punched his pillow and crammed it under his head. He couldn’t get comfortable. He and Alannah had fucked three times, and he should be sleeping like a baby. Instead, his mind wouldn’t slow down enough to allow him to rest.

He’d been alone too long. The only excuse he could come up with to explain how he’d allowed himself to screw not only a woman he barely knew but one who had no plans to stick around. He’d never been a love ’em and ride off into the sunset kind of man—exactly the kind of woman Alannah claimed to be.

Sleeping with her had been a release, but more than that, too. Something about her intrigued him like no other woman ever had. He hadn’t been able to get enough of her body, rising time and again until utter inability finally stopped him.

He’d escorted Alannah to her bedroom door, kissed and bid her a goodnight. When he really wanted to carry her to his bed—something he never did—shut the door and stay there for a week straight. He shook his head. Not happening. He’d let her take a few pictures, send her down the trail and forget her.

He glanced at his bedroom door. Was Alannah lying in her room having similar thoughts? Already planning her next conquest? Or was she sleeping soundly? He rolled to his side and twisted the damn pillow under his head again. If he didn’t get some rest tonight, he wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel in the morning.


Hell, it was nearly dawn now. He might as well get up and start his day.

If he hadn’t promised Alannah she could ride along with him, he’d leave this minute. Catch a catnap under a bald cypress or pecan tree around noon. Maybe Alannah would like to take that nap with him. Not a good idea. They probably wouldn’t catch any Zs if they lay down together.

The thought made his cock twitch.

Before he let his imagination put him in an uncomfortable situation, he turned his thoughts in a different direction—cows, calves. The bull he had to round up again. The young horse he was working with.

Anything but the blonde across the hall.


When the alarm went off, Alannah automatically reached over to hit the Off switch. Just as she drifted back to sleep, her eyes popped open. She’d invited herself along on the ride with Gentry today.

Oh my God.

What had she been thinking? She’d asked before making love half the night. She was sore. Riding would be difficult.

No backing down, though. She’d thrown a gauntlet. She couldn’t let Gentry see any weakness. After yesterday, he probably thought her a total bubble-headed blonde. Someone he wouldn’t want for more than sex.

What difference did it make?

She would be leaving in a few days.

No matter that she’d had the best sex of her life with the stoic cowboy. He’d done things to her body that had her clawing the ceiling. She wanted him again. Now. If she were wearing panties, they’d be damp.

Making love again wasn’t a good idea. She couldn’t get attached to him. Or anyone who wanted to tie her down.

With a sigh, she tossed the comforter aside, stumbled out of bed and into the shower. After ten minutes of standing under warm water, she felt better. Almost human. A quick scrub with her mango-scented body wash rejuvenated her a little more.

She toweled off and chose a forest-green tank top that made her skin glow with a golden hue, jeans and her red boots. After pulling her hair back in a tight ponytail, she applied makeup with a light hand and stuffed a berry-flavored ChapStick in her pocket. Last, she grabbed her straw hat and took a deep breath.

Time to face the country music.

She headed for the kitchen, the enticing scents of coffee and bacon urging her forward. Rounding the corner, she spotted Gentry sitting at the table, reading a newspaper.