Covering All the Bases (For the Love of the Game)(84)

By: Jody Holford

“How about if the Slammers win today, I ask you to marry me?” Liam said casually. Like he’d just suggested takeout for dinner.

Isla’s heart lodged between her ribs and, game forgotten, she turned and stared up at him. He was serious. Oh. My. God.

“What if they don’t?” she whispered, her throat tight.

Liam brought his hands to her shoulders, ran them up her neck, his thumbs tracing over her skin before he drove his fingers into her hair. “Then you ask me to marry you.”

She bit her lip, her pulse going haywire. “So, either way, you want to marry me.”

“I do. Do you want to marry me?” His gaze was so heated and hopeful at the same time.

She curled her fingers in his shirt. “I really do.”

Grinning, he came closer, his breath feathering over her lips. “Look at us, already saying the words.”

Her laughter was cut off when he kissed her, picking her up and twirling her around, his mouth moving over hers in a kiss that made her dizzier than his spinning. He set her down on the table and moved between her legs.

“I love you, Isla. I want you forever. I didn’t bring the ring.”

Pressing her lips together, she took a few breaths through her nose, trying to ward off tears. “I love you back. So much. I can’t believe you bought a ring.”

Brushing her hair away from her face, his gaze never left hers. “You walked into the bar, and my life changed. I knew, the moment I saw you, everything would be different.”

In a short period of time, her whole world had tilted. Righted itself. “Coming here was the best choice I ever made. I found you, a family, and myself.”

“Wanna go sit in the owner’s box with everyone?”

She nodded, happiness making her feel like she could burst. “I might be too nervous to watch. Especially now.”

Laughing, he threw his arm around her shoulder and led her out of the room. “Don’t worry. Win or lose…we win.”

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Thank you, Stacy for pushing me, for making my words better, for not getting tired of me soft peddling the conflict or trying to skip right past it—for making me dig deeper to include it so the story is richer and better. Thank you everyone at Entangled for the work that went into making this book. I’m so excited to be going back to my Bliss roots. Thank you, Bree for my perfect cover. I love it.

Thank you, Fran. For having my back. Always. To my writer friends who I lean on (re: complain to), thank you for listening. For caring. Thank you, Nicole. It’s hard for me to make decisions but you are one of the best I’ve made.

Thank you, readers. Because of you, I can write more books. Because of you, I feel like my words have found a home. Thank you for letting me tell my stories and for wanting to read them.

To my family, last on here but always and forever first. You are everything. And you make me feel like I am something. I love you more.