Chicago Heat(5)

By: Jordyn Tracey

She crossed her arms over her breasts, and rather than follow her movements, he kept his eyes on her face for a change. She never minded men looking at her. Most of them wanted one thing, and hell, since she wanted that too, what did she care. Like every other woman, at some point, she wanted to get married and have kids, but at twenty-seven, she hadn’t met the right man. These days women were having kids still at forty, so she wasn’t one of the ones spouting off about a biological clock ticking away.

Fawn might like having as much fun in a weekend as she could and looked toward furthering her career in the day. She enjoyed the excitement of dating and having sex. But she liked being in love as well, being surprised with flowers just because. That kind of man had never been drawn to her. No, the men she attracted were all about the sex, and if they had to play nice with flowers and candy the first few dates, that’s what they did. Fawn was just silly enough to fall for the assholes to be hurt later.

John was all kinds of contradiction. On one hand, his eyes and actions let her know he wanted sex from her, but the fact that he was being domesticated by raising his nephew gave him potential for more. She did believe him when he said he was soured on marriage, so maybe, just maybe she should give in to the attraction between them. At least this time, she’d be going into it with her eyes wide open.

He stepped closer to her, towering above her five foot seven inch height. “And if I am asking you out?”

She pretended to consider it further before answering. “If you are then my condition is no flowers, no candy.”

His eyebrows went up in surprise. “Huh?”

She laughed. “I mean it. Don’t try to wine and dine me to get in my bed. At least don’t do all that normal stuff women love just to convince me to sleep with you.” She rested a hand on his chest and played with the buttons on his shirt. Like last night, his muscles tensed beneath her touch. She breathed deep. How she loved the teasing scent of soap and a man’s natural smell. “If we mesh, when we’re ready, we’ll be intimate. If not, we’ll move on, and no one gets hurt. Deal?”

Confusion clouded his eyes, and he watched her while he thought over her offer. After a few minutes, he seemed to understand why she asked what she did. Annoyed, she thought he must remember how she confessed that Mackie had hurt her. That did still cut her heart when she thought of her ex. He’d been that kind of man, going all out until she gave it up, and then nothing. No consideration, just partying and sex, nothing else. There had been no tender moments, no sharing of deep thoughts between them. Maybe Mackie didn’t have any.

“Yes, beautiful lady, you have a deal.”

Chapter Three

John watched Fawn walk away, his eyes on her ass. She was incredibly beautiful. He’d seen that last night, and he was shocked to find her working at the library of all places. Never in his life had he ever been tempted to ask out a woman he had pulled over. They just weren’t his normal taste in women, but there was something about Fawn. She intrigued him. Sure, he wanted her. What man wouldn’t want to have a taste of that body? She was slender but had curves in all the right places. Her breasts were high and more than enough to fill his palms. She wore her dark hair in gentle waves just past her shoulders, and that compared with her big brown eyes and smooth cocoa skin made up a package he longed to get his hands on.

He had dated black women before, having never limited himself to white women alone. Yet, most women were the same underneath. They wanted to capture a man and make his life a living hell. Okay, he admitted they didn’t necessarily mean to, but the results were the same. John had vowed never to be caught in such a trap, so he made a point to be up front about what he wanted and what he was not looking for. Like Fawn, other women had called him arrogant. It didn’t bother him a bit. Wanting a woman who was wild enough to please him but not such a whore he had to worry about disease was not a bad thing, and letting her know he would never love her or marry her was good for the woman as well. That hadn’t stopped plenty of them from falling for him.

He sighed remembering all the issues of extricating himself from past relationships. Still, Fawn had surprised him. She didn’t want the normal pomp and circumstances that went with soothing a woman’s mind to the point that she feels she’s not a slut if she lets a new man in her bed. But that could be Fawn’s broken heart over her previous breakup speaking. She could change that view in a week. He’d keep on his toes. Meanwhile, it was likely that he was in for an amazing time with her.