Chicago Heat(2)

By: Jordyn Tracey

“Fuck!” John grumbled and turned over the engine of his car. When he peeled out of his parking place and sped off down the street, Fawn figured she knew why. In no way was she vain about her looks, but she’d heard enough times “baby, you could be a model” to know even the law man was getting turned on. Of course, it didn’t take much with her exposing it all.

She tugged on her skirt, but the thing wasn’t budging. All she could do was grip the seat on the side of her and hope he didn’t wrap them around a tree because he was hard. Daring to look over at him, she noted his strong hands curled over the steering wheel. Long fingers. A man with long fingers…No, she wasn’t even going there. He wore no wedding ring, but as good as he looked, he had to have a woman at home or somewhere, a woman who knew what she had.

“Do you always dress that way?” he asked as he zipped from lane to lane passing slower traffic.

“What?” She’d been busy speculating on what kind of woman the cop preferred. Stiff, prissy, white, she surmised. “Oh, um, no.” Her embarrassment increased now that she had a chance to calm down. She grew angry quickly, but when it was over, she found more than once, she’d either overreacted or put her foot in her mouth. “I was trying to make Mackie my boyfriend jealous…ex-boyfriend,” she hurried to say.

The cop smirked at her and then turned his attention back to the road.

“I thought I loved him, would have bent over backward for him.” She sighed, feeling tears coming on, but she hadn’t cried in a long time. She wasn’t going to start with Mackie. “He dumped me for someone else. I couldn’t accept that, so I went down to where he likes to hang out and shook my thing for anybody who wanted to look.”

“And was he there to witness you shaking your thing?”

She laughed. Now that she wasn’t under suspicion, she could forgive him for his attitude. “You don’t have to sound so condescending. Yes, he was there, and yes, he was jealous. Acted a fool in front of the girl until they got in an argument, and then some other guys got into it.”


Fawn crossed her arms and stared out the window as the scenery seemed to zip by. “But I came to my senses realizing that he isn’t all that. He isn’t worth my time if he could dump me one day and try to get back with me the next. I can do better, and while I know how to dress sexy, it’s always with class. This is not class.”

She waited for him to agree, to again remind her of what a fool she was for going out dressed like she was, but he didn’t comment on it. “You’re a beautiful woman. You know that. You can get any man you want.”

Fawn shrugged, making her breasts rise and fall. John’s gaze flicked over them before he forced his eyes to focus on the road. Fawn suddenly felt like teasing, to get him back for his mistake. She smiled and leaned over toward him to rest a hand on his thigh. The muscles beneath her fingers contracted. “Could I get you?”

She thought she had him until he reached down and moved her hand. “Sorry, I don’t know you, and well, this isn’t the best first impression, is it? You say you’re not like you appear to be. You’re hurt over the loss of your boyfriend, but then here you are coming on to me the day after it happened.”

Her mouth dropped open for the second time that night. She snapped to attention, sitting straight up. “Are you serious? You arrogant son of a bi—”


“Let me out right here,” she shouted. “I said stop the car!”

He pulled to the side of the road, and Fawn flung the door open before jumping out and slamming it behind her. She cursed him all the way down the street, and it wasn’t until she drew up in front of her apartment building that she saw how close they had been. He’d let her out only a block away, and since she had grown up in the area, knew everybody and his mama, she wasn’t worried about being attacked.

When she jerked the door to her building open, she heard tires turning and looked around to see that he had followed her all the way home. His taillights flickered once, and then he was gone. “Hope I never see him again,” she grumbled as she headed inside to her apartment.