Chicago Heat(16)

By: Jordyn Tracey

Chapter Seven

Fawn lay on her back with one leg crossed over the other and enjoyed John feeding her grapes. Each time he popped the tiny fruit into her mouth, she closed her eyes and moaned like she was in the throws of an orgasm.

He laughed. “Stop it, Fawn. This is no place to do that.” He nodded toward the kids playing in several areas around the park. “Good grief, woman, I love sex. I’ll be the first to admit it, but you’re insatiable. Do you know that? I think it might be on your mind more than any guy’s.”

She rolled over and sat up on her knees. “Oh please. Don’t even try it.” She pointed to his crotch. “Your dick is hard ninety-nine and a half percent of the time when you’re around me.”

“Can you blame me? Look at what you’re wearing.”

She glanced down at her sundress, a rainbow tie dye pattern, spaghetti straps, scooped bodice, form-fitting, and of course—short. “What? Everything is covered.”

“Yeah but there are hints all over the place. Hints that tell me what I could be enjoying beneath it if we were alone. I can’t get my mind off your body.”

She leaned across him to grab a grape from the Tupperware container. “Whose fault is that? Not mine. Apparently cops have dirty minds.” She settled back on her rear, crossed her legs at her ankles, and admired the new pink fuchsia polish she had painted on her toes.

“You’re impossible.” He laughed and dove across to capture her wrist before she could eat another grape. He ate the one she had between her fingers while staring into her eyes. “I suppose I must give into you. Not like I can resist.”

She waved a hand saucily. “Thank you. That’s what I’m saying.”

He laughed, and then the amusement died when his cell phone rang. He answered and listened to the person on the other end. Fawn’s heart sank. She hated the seriousness that came over his expression and knew he would tell her he had to go. When he disconnected the call, he did a speed dial to another number right away.

“I’m sorry, baby, but we’ll have to pick this us when next I’m off. Unfortunately, criminals don’t respect my time off.” He cursed and lowered the phone to look for Kevin. Fawn looked too and spotted him over with a couple other kids playing Frisbee. She pointed him out. “Kevin,” John barked in a deep, authoritative tone. The boy turned around right away, said something to his friends, and ran over to them.

“What’s up, Uncle John? We’re not leaving now, are we? The game’s just getting good, and—”

John rested a hand on his head. “Sorry, bud. I have to get to work. I’m trying to reach Mrs. Cecil now, but she’s not answering.”

Kevin grumbled, his head bowed. Then his head snapped up. “Can’t Fawn watch me? We can stay at the park longer that way.”

“Yes,” Fawn answered.

“No,” John replied at the same time.

She frowned. “Why not? Come on, we’re all joined at the hip lately. Kevin’s been around me enough to know me well, and we’re good friends, aren’t we, Kevin?”

The boy nodded. “Yeah, so how about it, Uncle John?”

John didn’t answer. He continued to try Mrs. Cecil, apparently dialing every number he knew that she could be reached. Fawn began to think he didn’t trust her to watch Kevin. Sure, she had no experience with kids, but Kevin wasn’t a baby. She stood up. “You don’t think I can do it, do you? What better time to prove that I can?”

He paced. “This is not something you experiment with, Fawn.” She clenched her hands at her sides and was about to tell him about himself when he said into the phone. “Mrs. Cecil, I’m glad I finally got you. I have to go into work and wanted to see if you can watch Kevin. Oh, you’re kidding. When do you expect to get in? That long?” He sighed.

Fawn dropped to the blanket they had been lying on and began packing up the dishes from their lunch. She brushed away crumbs and tucked the small pillow she had brought into a bag.

“Fawn,” John said.

She didn’t look up. “What?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…Please, can you watch him? I would appreciate it.”