Chicago Heat(13)

By: Jordyn Tracey

She looked up at him and touched his jaw. He needed a shave so soon after doing it that morning. Gazing into his eyes, she felt her heart skip a beat or two. She loved him. Fawn Hill had fallen deep in love with a cop who didn’t believe in marriage. She’d never learn. The knowledge hurt so much, she almost cried, and she dropped her forehead to his chest.

“Hey, baby, what’s wrong?” he asked.

She tried to play it off. “Nothing. Just thinking about your boast that you could eat me all day, and this session lasted like a minute.” She laughed, but it was shaky.

“Then that will never do.” He gathered her up in his arms and carried her to the tiny bathroom off his room. “We’ll get cleaned up, and I will prove to you that you will beg me to stop long before I’m tired.”

They stood in the shower after washing each other, holding on to one another. Fawn forgot everything except having him hold her. She had just gotten her hair done, and now it was wet, but she didn’t care. John scattered kisses on her shoulder and stroked her back.


She sighed. “Hm?”

“Would you like to go out sometime with me and Kevin?”

She gasped and looked up at him. “Really? Are you sure?”

He nodded. “Yes, I’m sure. We could take in a movie or have a picnic in the park. Kevin likes to toss the ball around.”

Her eyes widened excitedly. “Or we could go to the zoo. Kids like that, right?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, usually. Okay, it’s settled. Next Sunday, we’ll do it. Now then, I have something to prove. Open those legs and let me at that sweet pussy.”

Chapter Six

“Uncle John, what are you thinking about?” Kevin asked. He didn’t respond. “Uncle John?”

John snapped out of it. “Huh? Oh, what am I thinking? Nothing in particular.” He hoped he didn’t look like an idiot. He’d been staring at Fawn, considering where his feelings for her were going. Asking her out with him and Kevin had been a spur of the moment decision, and he still wasn’t sure it was the right move. Not that he was getting serious. He wasn’t. All his feelings about love and marriage were the same. At least he thought so. Besides that, could Fawn even be a good mother?

He watched her buying cotton candy from a vendor with all the excitement of a young child. Over the last couple of weeks, they’d done the picnic at the park and the zoo, even though the zoo wasn’t Kevin’s favorite place. John had found his nephew to be different from most children. He got no satisfaction watching caged animals, although, he had enjoyed the aquarium. Now, Fawn had suggested the amusement park, and she seemed to be having more fun than he and Kevin put together.

Fawn came running up. “Oh my goodness, taste this, John. It’s so good. This flavor is called Boo-Blue. Isn’t it yummy?” She bounced up and down, and John did his best not to focus on her breasts. He took the offered sweet, grasping a small piece with his tongue while she held it. Her eyes turned flirty.

“Mm, raspberry,” Kevin said knowingly. “It’s good, but I like the Spookie Fruiti grape the best.”

Fawn broke the intimate connection John shared with her and looked at his nephew. “You do? Oh no, well we can’t have you eating my new favorite instead.” She held out a hand. “Come on, let’s jump the guy and make him give us grape.”

Kevin laughed, taking her offered hand. “If we do that, Uncle John will have to arrest us.”

As they walked away, Fawn glanced back at him, a suggestive expression on her face. “Got any handcuffs, cop?”

John thought he’d come right there. The woman was a born tease, and she liked to keep him worked up at all times. She was about having as much fun as possible. She kept him off balance, which he sometimes thought was the most wonderful experience in his life, and at others questioned whether she had long term potential.

He shook his head, considering it. Long term did not matter. He wasn’t looking for it. Dismissing thoughts of the future, John went to join Kevin and Fawn. Together they decided what ride to get on next and what games they’d like to play. John found himself laughing a lot more, and the heaviness he’d carried around with him since losing his brother lightened for the moment. He pulled Fawn close to his side and gave her a chaste kiss. “How about we try our hand at the hoops first, Kevin. I bet we can win Fawn a teddy bear or something.”