Chicago Heat

By: Jordyn Tracey

Chapter One

Fawn held up a manicured nail, her mouth dropping open in surprise. “Hold up. You think I’m a what and I did what?” She shook her head in disbelief at what this cop was saying to her. Sure, he was fine as hell with a body she’d pay good money to lick, but damn if he thought she was a prostitute. He could kiss her black—

“Ma’am, if you’ll calm down and explain to me what you’re doing out here”—his gaze dropped to her exposed cleavage and mini so short she was in danger of breaking the law—“dressed like that if you’re not offering the goods for sale?”

She rolled her eyes, planting a hand on her hip. “So it’s a crime now to look good? And don’t call me ma’am, damn it. My name is Fawn Hill as you can see right there on my driver’s license.”

He tapped the small rectangular card in the palm of one hand as he studied it and looked back up at her. His expression alone told her he had doubts as to its validity. When he commanded she wait there while he returned to his vehicle and reached inside for his CB, she groaned. All this mess because she had been on the rebound looking for a new man, but at the same time trying to make Mackie jealous. She was an idiot. He’d been jealous all right. And she’d gotten more attention than she wanted. Never mind the fact that her stupid car had broken down, and she had to walk to find a phone because bad luck didn’t come one thing at time. It came in multiples. She had missed paying her cell phone bill, and the mobile company had disconnected it.

She hated this night, hated her life, and hated the sexy ass cop watching her like she was listed on America’s Most Wanted. She crossed her arms and began pacing back and forth over the sidewalk. The man thought she was selling herself! What a trip. Okay, so she’d gotten desperate and flagged his unmarked car down for a ride. It obviously wasn’t her smartest move, but everyone made mistakes. He should be the one investigated because he sure didn’t discourage her flirting when she realized how hot he was.

Irritated, she turned to examine him again, hoping she’d overlooked his flaws, like a receding hairline or bulging belly. That would serve his arrogant behind right, but she had no such luck. The cop was every woman’s dream being at least six-five with a full head of dark curls, a firm jaw line, and a hard body that must have come from a life in the gym. On top of his looks, he had the cop thing going for him. No woman could resist a man in authority. Well, except her, she thought with bitterness. She raised her chin, and rolled her eyes at him.

After a few minutes of talking with the dispatcher and reading her information off her license to the person, he came back and gave it to her. “Turns out your name is Fawn Hill. No record. I think I’ll let you off with a warning. Listen, you need to be careful out here, dressed like that.”

“That’s not your business.” She turned to go. Her feet hurt in the spiky heels she’d worn, but she tried not to let it show. She made it a couple steps away from him before he called out her name. A shiver ran over her hearing it.


She hesitated and turned around. His eyes were green, she noted with him facing the street light. “Let me give you a ride home. My shift ended twenty minutes ago.”

“No thanks.” She turned to go, but he caught her arm.

“Don’t be stubborn because you’re mad. Like I said, it’s dangerous in this part of the city.” His fingers on her arm sent shockwaves of desire running through her. This was silly. She’d just been obsessed over Mackie walking out on her. A man like this cop would never be good for her. He raised his eyebrows in question and then let her arm go to hold out his hand. “If it helps, I’m Detective John Harris of the CPD.”

Fawn held out another thirty seconds and then put her hand in his. The temperature was dropping, and she had no idea if public phones even existed anymore, let alone where one was. She should be thankful it was John who stopped and not some rapist. Talk about stupid choices she’d made in her life.

“Fine,” she said at last. “Thank you.” She gave him her address as he saw her into the car. To Fawn’s embarrassment, when she sat down in the passenger seat, her skirt rose to the point that half her ass was visible. It looked like she didn’t have any panties on.