Charming the Cowboy (Grape Seed Falls Romance Book 3)(81)

By: Liz Isaacson

She activated the account by putting in her credit card information and sat back, finally done. With the app activated on her phone, her profile picture came up and she began scrolling through the male options.

“Is it really as easy as tapping that heart?” she wondered aloud. Char lifted her head but otherwise didn’t answer. She flopped her head back to the bed where several fluffy pillows softened her fall.

She scrolled back to the top and started narrowing her search to location and occupation. The first man that came up was ten years younger than her, with a missionary haircut and straight, white teeth in his smile.

Her thumb hovered over the heart, wondering if he’d get notified. And then what? They’d start chatting? And then…?

She tapped the heart, and a message popped up on her phone. Congratulations! You’ve made your first love connection. Give Brian twenty-four hours to respond.

“So it is that easy.” Feeling accomplished, she closed the laptop and put it on her nightstand. As she stretched over to plug in her phone, it zinged a sound she’d never heard it make.

A heart icon sat in the notification strip across the top and she swiped down to open the alert. You’ve got a connection! said, and she tapped on the heart.

The man looking back at her wore a warm smile. She was immediately attracted to his salted black hair, which screamed he wasn’t in his twenties. Kurt also wasn’t wearing a cowboy hat, and he had a degree in human resources.

“And he lives here in Grape Seed Falls?” May scrolled back up and looked at his face. She didn’t recognize him, though she certainly didn’t know everyone in town. He couldn’t have grown up here, at least.

Feeling brave and bold, and maybe a bit desperate, she hit the heart below his name. Within seconds, a chat box appeared on her screen, with Kurt saying, hey are you online right now

May looked up, her nerves coiling and constricting. She didn’t really have time to chat right now, but she didn’t have time to waste either. She had no idea how to date online, but she felt freer than she ever had. She could literally say anything.

are you a chef his next message read.

Yes, she typed, dictating out loud as she did. And I have to be to work really early in the morning. Can we have a rain check on this conversation?

sure talk tomorrow

She reached over and stroked Char, needing some of the dog’s comfort. “He seems nice,” she said to the poodle. “Though he doesn’t know how to use a punctuation mark.” But Char didn’t comment on the man’s grammar or his niceness, so May looked back at Kurt’s handsome face, a smile pulling at her lips. With any luck, and a whole lot of prayer, maybe May could have a bonafide beau by the end of the year.

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