Charmed Wolf(9)

By: Lia Davis

Dana nodded and glanced at Cooper. He took that as his cue to speak. “Two enforcers came to my house, saying Edwin saw Hope as a weakness. They were going to take her.”

“Edwin is an idiot. Then again, he isn’t descended from a witch.”

Frowning, Cooper studied Darin for a moment before turning his attention to Dana. “What do you mean?”

Darin gave a half shrug. “My and Dana’s grandmother was a witch. Magic runs in our veins. It also makes our twin bond stronger.” His brows drew together briefly before he relaxed his features. “Anyway. Hope is part witch. Because she is deaf, her other senses, as well as her power, will only grow to compensate for her not being able to hear.”

“Edwin needs to be stopped. If he ordered a little girl to death, then there’s no telling what else he has done. Or will do,” Dana chimed in like she wanted to shift the conversation back to the matter at hand.

Darin set his jaw. “I can’t do anything. I will not bring a war to my Pack.”

At that moment, Piper entered the living room and waved to Hope. Dana signed to the toddler that it was okay, and that Piper had coloring books. Once Hope left the room with the Healer, Dana said, “I’m going to challenge him to be Alpha of his Pack.”

“Hell, no.” The words shot out of Cooper’s mouth before he even realized he’d thought them.

A low chuckle escaped Darin before he spoke. “I cannot get involved.”

“I know,” Dana whispered as she stood and moved to the door. “And you don’t need to be. Not directly.”

Cooper narrowed his eyes, knowing the twins were plotting something big. “What is going on?”

Darin glanced at him and studied him for several long moments before returning his attention to Dana. “He is your mate, yet you don’t trust him.”

“I trust no one.”

Again they fell silent and stared at each other. Cooper fisted his hands, hating the fact that he was the outsider. He was, after all, a member of the Bloodrose Pack. Why should they trust him? “I pretty much sealed my fate with Edwin when I killed his enforcers. Edwin has most likely turned Celeste and me in as rogues. So, whatever you have planned, I’m in.”

Dana snarled, then stalked closer with all the beauty and lethal grace of an Alpha about to snag her prey. “I don’t need your help. Edwin has been asking for an ass-kicking from the first time I met him.”

Darin stood and stepped between them, facing his sister. “Go back to your hideout and form a plan. I’ll take care of Hope and the female.”

Confusion powered Cooper’s annoyance as a result of the twins and their secrets. However, he sensed the power coming from Darin. It was like no other Alpha power Cooper had seen or felt. If Celeste was safe anywhere, it was in Whiskey Hollow. He was sure of it. “Thank you for taking them in.”

“Don’t thank me yet. I am still limited on what I can do.” Darin turned and then disappeared down the hallway.

“Are you coming?” Dana’s annoyed tone drew Cooper’s attention. She stood in the doorway, her brows drawn and lips pursed. His dick hardened at how beautiful she was.

With a half-smile, he followed her to his truck. The sassy alpha female was going to be fun to tease, play with…and seduce. He would claim her if it was the last thing he did. “I don’t want you to challenge Edwin.”

“You can’t stop me.” She climbed into the truck and added, “You can stand with me, or leave me the fuck alone.”

The passenger door slammed shut. For a brief moment, he saw a flicker of pain in her eyes. She’d been betrayed, deeply. It wasn’t going to be easy to break through her walls, but he had the mating urge on his side. She wouldn’t be able to push him away for too long.

He climbed into the driver’s seat. “I’ll stand with you, but we work as a team, no going off on your own.”

She worked her jaw as she rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

* * *

Dana opened the truck door and hopped out before Cooper had even stopped the vehicle in her driveway. She couldn’t get away from him fast enough. Thinking was impossible when he was so near. Well, at least thinking about anything but sex with him.