Charmed Wolf(8)

By: Lia Davis

Dana raised a brow at Cooper until he released her wrist. “I’m going to connect to her wolf and bring her out. Then we need to move.”

“I was right. You are an Alpha.”

She frowned. “No, my name is Dana, and I’m sister to the Alpha of the Whiskey Hollow Pack.” They really didn’t have time for the get-to-know-you shit right then. Enforcers would be storming the house soon. She really didn’t want to kill them and then have to face Edwin. At least not until she talked with Darin and Cooper and found out just how bad the conditions were in the Bloodrose Creek Pack. Then she’d go in and formally challenge Edwin for his Alpha seat.


Dana didn’t speak to him on the trip except to give him directions to her den. It seemed she was battling some kind of internal debate. He felt her gaze on him occasionally during the drive. And her scent drove him wild.

When they arrived, Dana still hadn’t said too much to him. Just that they were in Whiskey Hollow and were waiting for her brother. Upon arriving, the Healer was waiting for them, like she’d known they were on their way. Yet Cooper never saw Dana use a phone.

Cooper laid Celeste, in wolf form, on a bed in a clinic that looked more like a home. Dana took Hope to the living room. He was a big emotional mess. His sister was unconscious, and it scared the hell out him that he didn’t know why. He worried about Hope and how she was dealing with everything. But she seemed calm around Dana, which confused him. He’d never seen Hope so relaxed with anyone. Not even him and Celeste.

After he’d tucked Celeste into the bed, he glanced at the Healer. “Why is she so still?”

“She’s healing. Her physical injuries aren’t that severe. She’s in shock and needs to rest. It may take her a few days. Even after that she might need someone to talk to. A submissive’s first kill can be confusing.” The Healer, Piper, he recalled Dana mentioning her name, ran her hands down Celeste’s side. “She is strong. Go be with your daughter.”

Daughter? As much as he’d grown to love Hope and considered her his adopted daughter, he’d never thought to have her call him Dad. But that’s what he’d become to her. Her father. She was his daughter. He’d do anything to protect her. Including challenging Edwin and killing the SOB.

Without another word, he slipped from the room and headed down the hall to the living room. When he entered, he froze, the sight of Dana and Hope on the sofa with a book on their laps stealing his breath. Dana read to the child using sign language.

Suddenly, Dana lifted her gaze to the door a moment before it opened. A large male version of Dana stalked inside, his eyes narrowing on Cooper as he advanced to Dana. Twins. That was why he’d sensed an Alpha’s power from her.

Two males Cooper assumed were enforcers filed in behind the Alpha and then stood on either side of the door like imperial guards. Instantly, Cooper noted the differences between the Whiskey Hollow and Bloodrose Creek Packs. These enforcers reeked of fierce protectiveness and loyalty for their Alpha. Whereas Edwin’s enforcers smelled of fear in the presence of their leader.

“Darin.” Dana’s warning growl took the Alpha’s attention away from Cooper. When Darin looked at Dana, he frowned and then his features softened a bit.

Kneeling down to Hope’s level, Darin signed as he spoke. “Who do we have here?”

Cooper forced himself to stay put when all he wanted to do was gather Hope up in his arms and protect her from the world. He couldn’t do that. He had to trust that Dana had brought them here for a reason. And he wanted to believe in her. She was, after all, his mate. Besides, the more he was around Dana, the more he wanted to know about her. Like how did she and her brother know sign language? Did they have a deaf Pack member?

Dana pushed playfully at her brother, then signed as she said, “You scare her. Now back off.”

Hope laughed. The sound relaxed Cooper. The little girl must feel safe with them. Another reason why Cooper hadn’t taken his sister and Hope and simply run.

“My name is Hope,” the four-year-old signed with pride and a smile that warmed Cooper’s heart.

Darin smiled back at her. “You are very special, little wolf.” The Alpha straightened and sat in the chair across from Dana. Then he spoke without using sign language. “I’m guessing the injured female got that way by protecting Hope.”