Charmed Wolf(7)

By: Lia Davis

The girl studied her for several long moments before a shy smile formed. “Hope,” she signed and then moved closer to place a hand on Dana’s cheek.

Magic flowed from Hope, meeting Dana’s wolf inside. The girl’s green eyes brightened in a way Dana had seen her grandmother’s do. The eyes of a witch. Yet Dana also sensed a young wolf inside of Hope.

Glancing up at Cooper, Dana’s wolf snapped her teeth at seeing him cradle another female. She picked up Hope and carried her into the house. Leaving Cooper to follow. The male had a lot of explaining to do.

“Why are you mad?” Hope asked, her hands moving in quick, fluid movements.

“I’m not mad,” Dana signed back, using her free hand, but didn’t look at Hope. The girl was too smart and too empathic. She knew Dana lied but didn’t call her on it.

Once inside, Dana sat Hope on the armchair and signed, “Stay here while I talk to your father.”

Hope giggled. “He’s not my father.” She lowered her hands and frowned.

Interesting. Cooper’s scent was all over the girl. The way he’d so carefully taken her out of the truck reminded Dana of the protective care her own father had taken with her and Darin when they were little.

Dana straightened and met Cooper’s gaze for a brief moment before darting to the sofa and clearing it of the throw pillows. Cooper laid the female down on her stomach, turning her head to the side. She was out, but her breathing was steady. Staring at her, Dana relaxed slightly. The female’s features were similar to Cooper’s. “Your sister?”

He nodded. “Edwin Bass’s enforcer did that.”

Dana sent him a sharp glare. “Why?” She had her suspicions but wanted to hear it from Cooper.

“He sees Hope as weak because she’s a deaf mute.” His wolf flashed in Cooper’s eyes as the man worked his jaw. “Two enforcers came to my house to take her. I killed one.” He glanced at his sister and lowered to his knees beside the couch. “She killed the other protecting Hope. Celeste isn’t a dominant wolf.”

Dana nodded, understanding what he meant. Even though Celeste was capable of protecting herself and Hope, it wasn’t in her nature to fight. Moving closer to Celeste, Dana reached for the female. Cooper grabbed her arm. Their gazes met in challenge, and then Dana growled, “I want to see her injuries.”

“She needs a Healer.”

“Fine.” Dana turned to the kitchen.

“Darin, can you hear me?” She’d never tried to reach her brother telepathically from the cabin before. Never really had to because she’d only stayed there one or two nights at a time.

“Loud and clear. What’s up?”

“We have Edwin issues. Plus, two females—one of them a child—need a safe place to stay.”

A low growl entered her mind and sent a shiver down her spine. “Bring them here. Your mate is welcome, as well.”

Dana broke the connection and rolled her eyes. Leave it up to Darin to pry into her mind. Sometimes being a twin—magically bound together—had its disadvantages, like not being able to hide things from each other. She faced Cooper, who spoke softly to Celeste. Hope had moved to lean against his side. Sadness wormed its way through her. At the same time, anger raked across every nerve ending inside her and her wolf.

“Can you get her to shift?” Dana asked. It would make it safer to travel with her, plus she’d heal faster. And she needed to start the self-healing, soon.

“No.” Cooper lifted his gaze to hers.

She squatted and placed a hand against Celeste’s forehead. Cooper gripped her wrist. With a sigh, Dana said, “I will not harm your sister. We need to get her and Hope to my Pack for their safety. Edwin will send out more of his minions to search for you. I don’t have to tell you that he will issue a kill order for all three of you.”

Because that’s how the bastard worked. He used the laws to his advantage, twisting the grey areas to work with his roguish behavior. Ross had been the same way, only worse. It was rumored that others were afraid to challenge Edwin, using the excuse that he hadn’t broken any laws.

Edwin had screwed up by ordering an innocent toddler to death because he deemed her weak. What the bastard didn’t know, was that Hope was now under Dana’s protection and the protection of the Coven since the girl was half witch.