Charmed Wolf(6)

By: Lia Davis

Before the enforcer made it to Hope, Cooper was there. He barreled into the larger male, and they skidded across the floor, crashing into the far wall. The male flipped them to pin Cooper on the floor with a hand wrapped around his neck. Cooper hit him in the side of the head, but the bastard didn’t move. He just squeezed Cooper’s neck, restricting his airflow.

Cooper clawed at his hand, trying to break the hold. No use. His lungs burned, and his brain seemed as if it were shutting down. A moment later, the male’s grip loosened, and he fell to the floor beside him.

Rising up on his arm, Cooper gasped for air. He glanced at the enforcer and noted the large kitchen knife sticking out of his back. Lifting his gaze to Celeste, he frowned. Her skin was pale, and she appeared as if she could pass out.

After another moment, he pushed to his feet and reached for his sister. She glanced from the enforcer to Cooper, one hand cradling Hope’s head and absently stroking her hair, while the girl clung to his sister’s leg. “Celeste, we have to go.”

She just nodded, picked up Hope, and turned to the back door. Damn it. She was in shock. No matter how much of a hardass she was with him, she was a nurturing wolf. Killing the enforcer went against her nature.

He closed the distance and gently gripped her elbow, then stepped in front of her. “You did what you had to do. You protected your family.”

“No one hurts those I love.” She cocked her head and then swayed toward him. Her eyes closed, and he caught her and Hope before they sank to the ground.

Fuck. Celeste! A lump formed in his throat as he pried Hope from his sister’s arms. After checking the girl for injuries, he signed, “Are you okay?”

Hope nodded and signed back, “Celeste needs help.”

“I know.” He blew out a breath and glanced out the window. They needed to move. He signed, “I’m going to pick up Celeste. Stay close to me.”

Hope nodded, her eyes round with fear. His heart broke while rage had his wolf pacing. The beast wanted out, wanted to kill Edwin. Or at least make his sorry ass pay for what he’d done to every female in the Pack.

He lifted Celeste and eased to the front door. There was no way they could leave on foot. He had to risk running into more enforcers to reach his truck in the driveway. When he straightened, Hope grabbed his jeans at the back of his thigh.

They made it to the truck, and he got the females inside before he heard shouts and pounding boots on the dirt road. Cooper rushed to the driver’s side, climbed in, started the truck, and peeled out of his driveway.

He white-knuckled the steering wheel as he drove, his thoughts turning to the female in the neutral zone. His mate. Stealing a quick glance at Celeste slumped in the seat next to him, he growled. She was white as a sheet, and he scented her blood. Stubborn female should have run when he’d told her to.

Their only hope was his mate. She had to help them.

* * *

Dana paced the small living room. Her body ached, and every nerve ending was on fire. Cooper’s scent still clung to her, teasing and torturing her all at once. The cold shower she’d taken after dealing with Edwin’s enforcers hadn’t washed away the desire to track down Cooper.

Fuck. The male was going to pay for showing up. If only he’d come into her life years ago. Before Ross.

No. She couldn’t think about mating. She had to focus on how to control the power within. The power that didn’t lessen as she’d expected it would by putting distance between her and Darin. The aggression and the magic seemed to continue to build—like it was her that was meant to be Alpha and not Darin.

The sound of tires on the gravel driveway pulled her out of her thoughts. With a low growl, she marched to the door and yanked it open. Cooper’s scent slammed into her. She damn near doubled over at the aching need to straddle the male like a carnival ride.

Damn it. She was done for. There was no ignoring him.

She stepped onto the porch and waited, her arms crossed. The truck jerked to a stop, and Cooper exited the driver’s side to rush around to the passenger side. Fear gripped her heart as the scent of blood drifted from the cab of the truck.

A moment later, Cooper helped a little girl out of the back seat. He quickly signed to her to go to Dana. The child looked at Dana with her brows drawn and shook her head. Crap. Dana advanced to the truck. When she got within a few feet of the girl, she squatted to her level and signed, “I’m Dana. What’s your name?”