Charmed Wolf(5)

By: Lia Davis

Her scent had instantly driven him crazy, and his wolf paced inside, wanting to hunt her down and demand things he had no right to.

Ignoring his sister’s scowl, he grabbed a coloring book and stretched out on his belly next to Hope. His adopted daughter copied him, grabbed her own book, and began coloring.

“Who is she?” Celeste spoke in a soft, calm tone so as not to alarm Hope. That was how they handled most of their arguments since Hope had come into their lives. The little girl could pick up on strong emotions and loud noises through her wolf senses. Celeste said that noise has a vibration to it that those who are deaf, especially supernatural creatures, are highly sensitive to. Hope was frightened by everything. So they kept their conversations light in front of her.

When things got emotional, they took it outside, argued telepathically like most wolves could, or waited until she went to bed.

“She’s my mate.”

He heard Celeste blow out a breath of annoyance. “We have enough complications.”

“You don’t think I know that! I didn’t go scouting for a mate. I was searching for a new place to take Hope.” He and Celeste had been plotting their escape from Bloodrose ever since they’d saved Hope from the enforcers.

Hope touched his hand, and when he met her stare, she signed, “No fighting.”

He kissed her on the forehead. “We’re just talking. Everything is okay.”

The four-year-old didn’t seem convinced but went back to her coloring. She was more mature than others her age, smarter. It was like her soul had lived a thousand lives, carrying the knowledge and experiences to each new one.

“I don’t know anything about her. I didn’t even get her name before Edwin’s minions found me.” Cooper fisted the crayon in his hand, snapping it in two. How could he have left her to deal with the enforcers alone?

“So you left her alone?” Celeste’s voice held a hint of fear for the female. Cooper understood it. The Bloodrose enforcers were mean bastards and bordered on rogue status—they were like a bunch of rabid dogs.

Then he recalled the power he’d felt swirling around his mate. “She’s a female Alpha.”

“Are you sure? Then she wasn’t alone.”

Cooper met his sister’s worried stare. “She was, which was odd.” He’d been so far gone from her scent and the need to be deep inside her that he hadn’t given it much thought at the time. “It’s like she’s running from something. But I’m not sure how I know that.”

“She could be working with Edwin.”


Celeste huffed and walked to the sofa. “You don’t know her or why she was there. What if she’s looking for Hope?”

Cooper put the broken crayon down and pushed to his feet. Facing his sister, he scowled at her, challenging her. When he opened his mouth, the front door flew open, crashing into the wall. Hope let out a screech and ran to Celeste. Cooper whirled around, hands fisted at his sides. Two large enforcers entered his home. One pointed at Hope and said, “She’s to come with us. Edwin wants her put down for her weakness.”

Put down? Over my fucking dead body. Cooper growled low, rage running hotly in his veins. The sorry excuse of an Alpha had gone too far. “She’s a child, and under my protection.”

“Edwin is your Alpha, and you will obey him.”

The fuck he would. “Run!” Cooper shouted as he lunged for the enforcers, swinging his fist into the first bastard’s jaw. A crack echoed in the house, and the male, who outweighed him by a hundred pounds of muscle at least, stumbled back, stunned. Yeah, motherfucker. Don’t mess with my family.

With a rough, primal growl, the enforcer glared back at Cooper. Bring it. Cooper dropped into a crouch, waiting. The enforcer charged at him, but Cooper was ready. He stepped out of the impact path and clotheslined the asshat. The enforcer hit the floor on his back, hard enough that the house shook. Not waiting for the male to get back up, Cooper straddled him, grabbed his head in his hands, and twisted, breaking the enforcer’s neck.

A scream made his heart drop to his feet. He whirled around in time to see the other enforcer swipe his shifted, clawed hand down Celeste’s back. She arched as she screamed and then fell to her knees. Hope clung to her, fear in her green eyes.