Charmed Wolf(4)

By: Lia Davis

With speed she gained from being an Alpha’s twin, she gripped the male standing inches from her by the throat. “Who are you, and what the fuck do you want?”

His eyes grew round as if he’d not expected the amount of power she possessed. Yeah. It was always a surprise. The petite yet curvy, blonde alpha female had the strength and magic of ten Alphas.

A slow, lazy smile formed on the male’s lips before he spoke. “I’m Cooper.”

Like that explained everything. “Why are you here? I can smell the Bloodrose Creek Pack on you, so don’t lie to me.”

One dark brow rose. “Again, this is a neutral zone.” With a quick jerk, he broke her hold on him, then gripped her forearm and twisted it behind her back, pressing their bodies together once more. The wildfire inside her flared to life and grew as he growled out, “I never thought I’d run into an alpha female. And without guards at that.”

His lips came down on hers in a fierce, possessing kiss. Need burned in her sex, igniting a passion so hot she feared she’d burn from the inside out. When he pushed his tongue into her mouth, all sense of why she should push him away dissolved into a need so raw, she couldn’t leave without a taste of him.

Everywhere he touched sizzled like cool water on hot coals. She hated her body’s response to him, hated the way she longed for a male’s touch.

He broke the kiss and skimmed his lips over her jaw to her throat. A groan escaped her when his teeth grazed her skin. Desire clouded her mind, making it hard to focus and remember why she should push him away.

Suddenly, he froze and then lifted his head. The hairs on the back of her neck rose as the faint scent of other wolves reached her. Even better, Edwin’s enforcers. She’d know the bastards’ scents anywhere. The fog in her brain cleared, and she shoved Cooper away from her. “You brought them here.”

Cooper stumbled back a few steps before gaining ground and lifted his nose in the air as if scenting the newcomers. “Fuck.” He stared back at her, his green eyes fixed on hers. “This isn’t done between us.”

Then he took off, disappearing into the woods.

Oh, yes it is, Cooper. There was a better chance of it snowing in hell before she’d mate again. She just had to make sure to stay clear of him.


Cooper’s home was on a corner lot and backed up to the forest, so he mainly entered and left through the back door so no one on the street would see him come or go.

Doing that now, he smiled as he sensed his adopted daughter close by. His heart swelled while at the same time worry put him on edge. Edwin had made it clear on more than one occasion that Hope was not to remain in the Pack. He saw her as either a weakness or a threat. Cooper didn’t know which. He didn’t know much of anything when it came his Alpha, mostly because Edwin was losing his mind.

The enforcers had followed him around since Cooper had taken the four-year-old orphan under his protection. Hope was what he’d named her, and the thought of her brought a smile to his lips. Having children was something he hadn’t really dwelled on. But when he’d first seen the curly blonde with the big, green eyes, he’d instantly wanted to protect her.

The double click sound from a dog-training clicker echoed from the living room. He’d given the clicker to Hope as a way to call him. She was a deaf mute, and from what he’d been able to uncover, which was very little, he believed she’d been born that way.

Entering the living room, he held in a laugh at the mess fanned out on the title floor around her. About a dozen or so coloring books lay open, circling her. Every crayon was out of the box.

Hope glanced at him, and a smile brightened her face then dulled as she scanned her mess. Frantically, she closed the books and gathered them to her. Cooper rushed to her, sat on the floor in front of her and grabbed her hands. When she lifted her big green eyes, his heart melted. With a tender smile, he brought her tiny hands to his mouth for a kiss then released them and signed, “It’s okay. Play.”

Neither of them had known sign language before they met, but they were learning it together with the help of Cooper’s sister, Celeste.

Hope smiled again and then darted her gaze over Cooper’s shoulder. He knew his sister was there by her scent. Turning partway, he noted Celeste’s frown, and her crossed arms. She most likely smelled the female from the neutral zone. Damn, why hadn’t he gotten her name?