Charmed Wolf(29)

By: Lia Davis

"Does anyone know where Edwin is?" Darin asked.

They all shook their heads, but Celeste said, "I can make a call to the Healer, Bree. She was the one person in that Pack besides Cooper I could talk to."

"Can you call her now?" Dana asked.

Celeste pulled out her cell and dialed. A few moments later, she smiled and spoke into the phone. "Bree. Hi, it's Celeste... I'm, really. Look, can you talk right now?" Relief settled over Celeste's features. "I’m with the Alpha of Whiskey Hollow and his sister...Yes, Dana." Celeste smiled, then laughed. "I was just going to ask if you minded." She pulled her phone from her face and punched the speaker.

"Dana. I heard you challenged the bastard."

"Yes, I did, but it seems he's hiding from me."

A growl sounded over the speaker. "Coward. He hasn't been in the den since he made the announcement that you planned to assassinate him. If you could see my face, I just rolled my eyes."

Dana pressed her lips together. She already liked the Healer. "I need you to make me a list of all Pack members that are loyal to him that could cause an issue with me walking in and taking over the Pack."

A squeal of delight came from the phone, making Dana laugh. Then Bree said, "Sure thing. Not many of them, though. The no-brainers are the enforcers, except Solon. He hides out at the clinic when he wants to avoid the asshat. The sentries don't even like him. But I'll get you a list. When are you coming? I could gather some of the dominant wolves that could help you."

"That would be great. Can you meet me at Celeste and Cooper's house in a half-hour?"

"Sure thing! And, Dana... Thank you."

Bree hung up before Dana could reply. Her chest tightened. The Pack had been through so much. Just then, Hope came over and crawled into her lap and signed, "You okay?"

Dana couldn't stop the smile that formed. She signed back, "Yes, baby girl. Everything will be okay."

Dana was going to make sure of it.

Celeste tapped Hope on the knee to get her attention. "Come with me, Dana and Coop have somewhere to go."

Hope pouted but stood. Before she went with Celeste, she turned and gave Dana a tight hug. While they were wrapped in the embrace, Dana heard a small voice in her mind. "Stay safe."

Gasping, Dana pulled out of the hug and cupped Hope’s tiny face, putting her hands over her ears. Then Dana opened her mind, and she let the magic flow to her fingers. "Can you hear me?"

Hope's eyes grew large, and she nodded vigorously. Her bottom lip trembled as her eyes filled with tears. Yet, Dana didn't sense any sadness in her.

Cooper leaned into Dana. "What does this mean?"

"I'm not sure." Dana released Hope and continued. "I think I may be able to help Bree or Piper or both heal her hearing.

Hope frantically reached for Dana's hands and placed them back up by her ears. Which confirmed that it was Dana's magic, most likely mixed with Hope’s, that had allowed her to hear. Dana covered her ears again. "I have to go, but when I get back, we'll work with the Healer to see what we can do about your hearing."

Hope nodded and flew at her, hugging her tightly.

Innocents like Hope and Bree were what drove Dana. Edwin had to be taken out. She was going to make sure it happened.

* * *

Dana and Cooper went to his house in wolf form through the forest to his backyard so the enforcers wouldn’t notice right away. The last thing she needed was for Edwin's minion freaks to cause a scene before she addressed the Pack.

Cooper shifted and said, "Bree should be here soon."

Remaining in wolf form, Dana ogled her mate. His broad shoulders, sculpted chest, and abs. A knowing smile lifted his lips, and he shook his head before disappearing down the hallway. She shifted and followed him. Celeste had said she could borrow some clothes.

"How old is Bree?"

Cooper frowned as he pulled a pair of jeans and a T-shirt from Celeste's drawer. "Twenty-two, I believe."

Dread seeped into Dana's heart. She’d had a hunch she didn't want to know the answer, but she’d asked anyway. "That's young. How long as she been the Pack Healer?"

"Since she was seventeen," Cooper muttered with a snarl. When he turned to Dana, she saw the anger in his eyes. "Edwin killed her parents and forced her to step into her mother's shoes."