Charmed Wolf(18)

By: Lia Davis

“And clear our names.”

She smiled at that. “Yes, that, too.”

A moment later, he lifted her as he stood, then walked to the bed. Her heart hammered while need pulsed within her. He laid her on the bed and hovered over her. “Right now, I want to fuck you.”

Her wolf growled her approval, but before the woman had a chance to respond, Cooper claimed her mouth in another raw, unforgiving kiss. Heat uncoiled in her belly then spread through her like lava. Her need to possess him, claim him, made her weak. For the first time in her life, she didn’t care.

Besides, she had time to be pissed at herself later.

Cooper broke the kiss and trailed his lips over her jaw to her throat where he’d bitten her a few moments before. Gods, why did it feel so damn good to have his mouth on her? She tangled her hand in his hair and fisted it, pulling the short strands. He let out another growl, and she smiled.

What was she thinking? She couldn’t mate. It was too soon. Besides, they were on the run from the council and needed to figure out how to protect her own Pack and the innocents of Bloodrose. They deserved to be happy and free of Edwin’s evil ways.

“Dana.” Cooper lifted his head as he growled out her name like he’d sensed she’d gotten lost in her thoughts.

Focusing on Cooper, she locked gazes with him. His brows dipped in concern, yet his lips held a ghost of a smile. She wondered what he saw in her eyes.

She traced a finger down his jaw and watched as his smile widened. Handsome was too insignificant of a word to describe him. Although he wasn’t perfect, she still found him hard to resist. Her chest tightened, and her wolf whimpered.

To deny what the wolf wanted was asking for punishment. She’d make sure the ache turned into pain, and then insanity. We can’t mate. Not tonight.

Wolf huffed but agreed they had unfinished business that may put their mate at risk.

A low growl sounded right before the sharp pain of Cooper’s bite pierced her neck. Desire flooded her, overwhelming her senses while at the same time, clarity drifted in. She could actually see the colorful threads of her magic and the one that would one day link her to Cooper.

Focusing on her power, she poked at it with her mind. Then she visualized both of them naked. In the next moment, their clothes vanished. Cooper’s hard erection pressed into her thigh, fueling the raging wildfire in her soul.

Cooper released her throat and kissed the spot. “Nice trick.” His words were thick, as if he’d said them around a swollen tongue.

“And I didn’t kill you.” She hooked her legs around him and squeezed.

He nipped at her nose, drawing a laugh from her. Locking gazes with him, she lost herself in his green depths. Why was she running from this male? She framed his face and tugged him down to kiss him. A soft groan escaped her as their lips touched. She never knew it could be this good with anyone. The intense pleasure, the need to consume him and be consumed by him roared within her.

A growl rumbled from him, and he thrust his hips forward, entering her, filling her. She gasped and then moaned at the intense pleasure bouncing off every nerve. She clung to him and rode wave after wave of bliss. Shudders wracked her body as she tumbled over the edge with her release.

Cooper followed her soon after with his own climax.

He sank down beside her and gathered her into his arms. Sensations of security and happiness filled her. She closed her eyes. He was her mate, but she couldn’t mate him. Not yet. Not until she got a handle on her powers and they cleared up the rogue issues.


Dana snuggled into Cooper’s side, breathing in his spicy mint scent. It covered her skin and filled her from within. Cooper had marked her, letting all others know she belonged to him. A smile crept in. If he’d done it when they’d first met, she’d have been pissed. But in the bliss of their lovemaking, she found that being claimed by him was far more exciting than she’d dreamed.

“Edwin killed Hope’s mom while she watched.”

Anger burned away her bliss. Edwin was a bastard that needed to be taken out. She fisted her hand over Cooper’s heart. “How long ago?”

"About a year ago, maybe less. The female was weak and running from rogues. I'm not sure if she was part of a group of rogues and finally got out or what. I never got the chance to ask her. She only stayed with us for a few days before the enforcers took her to the Pack circle where Edwin met them. In front of the whole Pack, he told the female—who clung to Hope—that she had to mate with him in order to stay. When she refused, he ordered the enforcers to take the child. My sister convinced them to let her watch Hope." Cooper closed his eyes and took a breath. Dana's chest tightened, fearing that what he said next would add a few more nails to Edwin's coffin.