Charmed Wolf(16)

By: Lia Davis

“How did you know?”

He ran his knuckles down her cheek. “I didn’t. You were so tense, I had to try something.”

She frowned. “Well, you can’t kiss me every time the power increases.”

She started to walk away from him, but he grabbed her upper arm. “You have to let me in sooner or later.”

Later. She wasn’t ready to let anyone into her heart. Cooper wouldn’t like her past, the things she’d done because she thought they were the best for her Pack. And when he couldn’t handle it, he’d just disappoint her like Ross did. “I can’t. At least not until the magic is under control.”

Her wolf growled in her mind as she walked away from Cooper. Lifting her gaze to Star, Dana frowned. The witch was a seer, and there was no hiding info from her. “Don’t. Please.”

A smile formed on Star’s lips as she returned the telepathic plea. “I can’t make promises, dear.”

Figures. Why had she come here? Because she didn’t know how to control her powers and needed a place to hide out for a few days.

Dana stopped a few feet from Star. Her aunt drew her into a tight hug. “It’s been too long.”

“It has,” Dana muttered then motioned to Cooper. “This is Cooper, but I guess you’ve already met.”

Star nodded to him. “We have. Come in, and we’ll talk about your Edwin issues.”

Cooper glanced at Dana, but she shook her head and then followed her aunt into her house. The inside of Star’s home was like a step in time. Only Dana was never sure if she stepped into the future or the past.

As they walked into the living room, she noted candles lit along the mantle and the coffee table. Dana sat on the sofa, and Cooper took the spot next to her. His warmth enveloped her in a soothing yet nerve-racking way.

“You need to talk to the council,” Star said as she eased into the armchair next to them. “I can’t see what Edwin is up to, nor can I verify the information Darin received. However, you need to control your gifts. They will only grow stronger and consume you if you don’t get a handle on them.”

Gifts? More like curses. “I didn’t think your seer powers were limited.”

Star frowned. “He’s blocking me somehow, which leads me to believe he is plotting something big. Getting you off his ass is the first thing he needs.”

Of course. Yet, if Dana went after him with her unpredictable powers, she’d be the one labeled as a rogue. The council would lock her up, possibly kill her out of fear that she’d turn on them all. “I’m still not convinced that I’m the goddess reborn.”

Beside her, Cooper stiffened, and she could feel his eyes on her. She ignored him as much as she could. Star noticed, too, her gaze flicking to him before returning to Dana. “You will, in time.”

There was a long pause before Dana finally spoke since no one else seemed to want to. Or maybe they were waiting for her reply. “I guess my training starts tomorrow.”

“It does.” Star stood. “Come, I’ll show you to your room so you can rest and refresh yourselves before dinner.”

Dana noticed the singular use of the word room, but she didn’t comment. It was no use. Star would ignore her or call her out in front of Cooper. Dana wasn’t ready to talk about her past with him, especially Ross.

Following Star down the hallway, Dana glanced at Cooper from the corner of her eye. He moved like the predator he was and didn’t display any emotion on his face. What was he thinking? Had to be something serious because she hadn’t seen him so quiet, so calculated, before. At least since she’d known him.

After Star had shown them their room, confirming Dana’s earlier suspicion of putting them in the same one, Dana turned to Cooper once they were alone. “What’s up?”

He shut the door and prowled toward her. His wolf glowed in his green depths, making his eyes appear gold. A mix of suspicion and desire drifted in on his scent. She stood her ground. When he reached her, he snaked his arms around her waist. “You have too many secrets.”

“So do you.” A groan slipped from her when he tightened his hold on her. “How do you know my aunt?”