Charmed Wolf(15)

By: Lia Davis

The bastard.

Darin touched her cheek. She glanced up into his sad, blue depths. With a sigh and a frown, he said, “Since Solon has reported to Edwin that you stole his bike, I suggest you ditch it as soon as possible.”

“How do you know that?”

Darin smiled. “Solon told me. He also said that Edwin has been messing around with black magic.”

“Fuck,” Cooper said. “And here I thought he was going insane naturally.”

Darin’s lips twitched before he steeled his features and addressed Dana again. “You need to seek the help of the Coven and learn to control your powers.”

Dana frowned. What was it with the men in her life and the damn witches? The witches, for whatever fucked-up reason, believed she was a goddess reborn. The stories had been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. A child will be born who possesses the powers of the gods.

Dana was not that child. No matter what the witches believed.

“I’m not going to the Coven.” She glanced at Cooper and narrowed her eyes. The sinking feeling that he was about to burst her bubble settled in her belly. “What?”

He pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to her. “I asked to cash in the favor.”

She glanced at the note and cursed under her breath. The words, Star Moon Coven, written in calligraphy, stared at her like a neon sign. Under the Coven name, it read: Come when the moon is high.

Dana grabbed the summons and shoved it at Darin. “She knows I’m coming!”

Fuck me to hell and back. Star knew. Dana didn’t have a choice but to go. Unless she wanted to run from the witches as well as the council.

Cooper stared at her, confusion drawing his brows tight together. “What are you talking about?”

Darin grunted. “You shouldn’t hide things from your mate.”

She opened her mouth to tell her brother to piss up a tree, but she closed it and focused on Cooper. “Star Moon, the Priestess, is my great-aunt.”


The Coven hadn’t changed in the twenty years since Dana had last been there. The space was thirteen small homes circling a larger building used for rituals, ceremonies, and other activities. Dana let out a soft sigh as she and Cooper walked down the footpath that led into the center of the Coven.

They’d ditched the bike a few miles north of Star Moon, then sent Darin a text so he could let Solon know where to find it. She didn’t reply to her brother’s fourth command to lie low. He knew better than to ask that of her. Dana didn’t run from anyone. Not the council, and surely not Edwin.

The only reason she was at the Coven was to learn to control the power that only seemed to intensify by the hour.

“What are you plotting?”

She grunted at Cooper’s question. The more she pushed him away, the closer the stubborn male got. Although, he had been by her side since the whole mess got started. Shaking her head, she answered him. “Edwin’s death.”

Cooper chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve plotted many ways to kill him myself.”

The mention of Edwin’s name made her blood boil. He was too much like the rest of his family. She could see where Ross had gotten his dark, power-abusing side. “Well, stand in line.”

A spark on her awareness drew her attention to the small, brick home to the left of the path. Star stood on the porch with a warm, welcoming smile on her face. Her curly, chestnut hair cascaded over her shoulders and hung to her waist. Looking at her tugged at Dana’s heartstrings. Memories of her mother, Adela, surfaced, bringing the pain of losing her to the forefront again. The women on her mother’s side of the family looked very similar, but Star and Adela looked the most alike.

Star’s smile faded, and her brows dipped, creasing her forehead. Dana glanced down at her hands and stopped walking. A layer of magic coated her skin with an iridescent light. Freaking hell, she looked like a glow stick. Darin was right. She needed to get a handle on the power.

A moment later, Cooper framed her face, turning her so she could focus on him. His green eyes held concern and passion. Some of her tension eased. Then he dipped his head and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was soft and too short. However, it washed away the stress, worry, and sorrow she felt. The hum of magic lessened.