Charmed Wolf(14)

By: Lia Davis

Light rippled across the surface a moment before a slip of paper materialized next to the mirror. He grabbed the note and shoved it into his pocket before rushing out of the bedroom.

In the living room, Dana stood with her arms crossed in front of an enforcer. Solon. He was one of the few males working under Edwin that Cooper trusted. The main reason being: Solon hated the Alpha. But he was bound to Edwin and couldn’t directly attack him. A rule Edwin had put into place when he’d become Alpha to ensure that his enforcers wouldn’t challenge him.

Solon was tall with black, shoulder-length hair. When he flicked his brown gaze to Cooper, he nodded. “You need to leave. Edwin put a price on both of your heads. Claims that you are a rogue, charmed wolf.”

Dana growled. “He spreads lies now to get what he wants? Why does he want me out of the picture so badly?”

“He also claims the two of you are plotting his assassination.” Solon glanced at Cooper before focusing back on Dana. “He wants revenge for Ross’s death.”

“Revenge? Ross was challenged by my brother and lost. It was a fair fight. But if it’s revenge he wants, I’m here.” Dana marched to the door. Cooper could feel her power stirring around her and her wolf rising to the surface. Solon stepped in her way, and she growled, low and fierce. “Move, Solon.”

Glancing from Solon to Dana, Cooper wondered how they knew each other. Was it because her brother was an Alpha? His questions were cut short by Solon’s words.

“He’s not here. He’s hiding out.”

Fucking coward. Cooper moved to stand behind Dana. “She challenged him in front of his enforcers. By the way, how do you know each other?”

“Mutual enemies,” Solon snarled, then shook his head to reply to Cooper’s first statement. “The challenge doesn’t matter to him. He’s too far gone mentally, and it won’t stop him from turning the Pack against you before you can address them. Or from going to the council with his accusations.”

“I want you to call me as soon as his ass gets back.” Dana walked past him and then stopped. “Do you have the keys to your bike?”

Solon crossed his arms. “Edwin will make me an example to the whole Pack for helping you.”

“You scared?”

Cooper pressed his lips together to keep from laughing. Dana lifted both her brows and one corner of her mouth, but her words held the tone of a challenge.

With a scowl, Solon dug into his pocket and handed her some keys. Dana patted him on the cheek and then ran a hand down his shirt. Cooper growled, unable to contain it. The man and the wolf hated seeing her touch another male. Even though he knew why she’d done it. She was putting her scent on Solon for Edwin’s benefit.

“Tell your Alpha that I kicked your ass and stole the keys.” Dana glared at Cooper. Her blue eyes bored into him for several moments before she marched out of Cooper’s house, heading towards Solon’s house a block down the road.

* * *

Dana pulled into Darin’s driveway and shut off the bike. A sense of unease fell over her as Cooper dismounted. Her brother was pissed about something. Just then, Darin stormed out of his house and came at them, a scowl on his face. Dana asked, “What?”

Dread sliced her gut as he spoke. “Edwin has gone to the council, saying that you threatened his life and his Pack. He also said you’d gone rogue and outed you as a charmed wolf with no control over your power.”

Fury made the growing power within extend to her skin, making it glow slightly. Edwin had dragged her brother into the mess. Most likely trying to get him to go to war. “I know. Solon just told us. Edwin is fucking crazy. I challenged him in front of his enforcers. So he ran off to hide while making me out to be the crazy bitch.”

“You and I both know the male is insane, but the council is looking into it. They told me I had to turn you over, and most likely have gone to other Packs in the region. I suggest the two of you lay low until I can drum up proof that the Alpha is poisoning his own Pack.” Darin ran a hand through his hair, tugging at the ends in frustration.

Yeah, Dana would go. But only to keep her brother from disobeying the council. That didn’t mean she couldn’t find her own proof. Or just assassinate Edwin anyway.