Charmed Wolf(13)

By: Lia Davis

“They can’t help me.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. They wanted her to embrace the power, let it run free in her veins. Dana didn’t want to give it free rein to do anything. Then there was the fact that it was getting worse.

“I know a witch that could help. She owes me a favor.”

Lifting her head, she stared into his green depths. “Why would you use the favor on me? There is no guarantee that she can do anything to help.”

A muscle twitched in his temple. “It doesn’t hurt to ask. Besides, you’re my mate. Mine to take care of.”

She frowned. Ross had always thought about himself first. Never once had he offered her anything without needing something in return. Ross wasn’t our true mate. Yeah, the wolf was right. Cooper was theirs as they were his. With a crooked smile, she said, “I don’t need taking care of, but I’ll accept your help.”

His lips lifted in a sexy grin. “I would have dragged you there if you refused.”

A laugh burst from her. Spoken like a stubborn alpha mate. Not that she was reconsidering her no mating vow. “When do we go?”

“I’ll have to call her.” He frowned as if remembering something. “The scrying mirror is at my house.”

“Then we’ll go get it.”

He raised a brow as she stood and brushed off her jeans. “Just walk into Bloodrose Creek and get it?”

“Yeah.” She shrugged. “Then we can stop by Whiskey Hollow and check on Celeste and Hope. Plus, I need a report from Darin.”

By the narrowed-eye glare he gave her, she figured he wanted more information about her plan. She didn’t have more. Not really. “Do you have a better way to contact the witch?”

He pushed to his feet to tower over her. She rolled her eyes, then squeaked when he wrapped his arm around her waist and flattened their bodies together. “We will go to my house, but we go in through the back. I’m a fugitive, remember?”

She bit his bottom lip and then said, “Edwin has broken more rules than I care to count. And that was before he became Alpha.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” His wolf flashed in his eyes, stirring up her desire for the male to lethal levels.

Gathering up her strength, she wiggled out of his embrace. There was too much she didn’t know about her power. Every time she was near Cooper, the electric current grew stronger. Yet he seemed to calm her at the same time. Yep, she was going insane. “We should get going.”

A low growl was her answer, but she ignored it. Her wolf didn’t like her walking away from him either. She couldn’t risk hurting her mate before she’d even had a chance to accept him.

Wait. Does that mean I’m going to?

* * *

Cooper entered his living room and cringed at the broken glass and the blood trail on the floor that led out the opened front door. It looked like either Edwin or his enforcers had drug the bodies out of the house. Cooper wasn’t sure how much of the broken lamps, chairs, and other items were from the fight or from the enforcers rummaging through the house.

He fisted his hands at his sides as he advanced down the hallway to his bedroom. The soft sound of Dana’s bare feet followed him. She hadn’t spoken a word on the way there, just ran beside him in wolf form. Although he didn’t mind the quiet run with her, he couldn’t shake the feeling that she was hiding something from him. Maybe she was shielding herself from the world.

Relief shuddered through him as he entered the bedroom and saw that it was untouched. He rushed to the dresser and pulled open the second drawer. He jerked a pair of sweats and a T-shirt out, then tossed them to Dana. Quickly tearing his gaze from her naked form, he grabbed a pair for himself, and then opened the top drawer for the scrying mirror.

Dana was behind him instantly, and she let out a soft laugh. “You keep it under your socks?”

His lips lifted in a smile as he gazed into her blue eyes. Suddenly, the playfulness vanished, instantly replaced by a feral scowl. She whirled around and left the room. Then the faint scent of the enforcers reached his senses. Fuck. He grabbed the mirror and set it on top of the dresser. Placing his right hand in the middle of the glass, he called out to the witch. “Star, I’m cashing in my favor.”